Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging


Flexible and secure mounting for the charger

With the carrying strap or bar, Fronius battery charging systems can be easily used anywhere and everywhere. If they need to be fixed in position, Fronius offers wall and floor brackets for secure installation. If this is not possible or not desired, the devices can be affixed to special charging modules. These solutions can be found in the battery charging installations area.
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Product details

Carrying strap and carrying bar

Using chargers flexibly
The carrying strap or carrying bar for Selectiva battery charging systems from Fronius allows for the flexible use of the devices at any location, ensuring optimum ease of use. Charging processes can thus be adapted for different locations and applications. The carrying straps (and carrying bars, where applicable) are available for all Selectiva battery charging systems. 

All-round battery charging system for the workshop or as a replacement

Fronius is offering an all-purpose solution with the Selectiva 8090 battery charging system: it enables flexible charging of batteries with a voltage of 12 to 80 volts and is suitable for battery capacities of 225 to 1,500 ampere hours.