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Perfect Charging

Energy consultation

Free energy analysis lowers operating costs

Efficiency and cost effectiveness are key in the logistics sector, not to mention for operators of electrically powered forklift trucks. Whether an in-house or leased fleet is being operated, energy consumption and CO2 emissions are an unavoidable concern for the operator and can drive operating costs sky-high. There is an enormous potential for savings in this area, particularly in view of increasing energy prices and ever stricter energy efficiency laws. Harnessing it, however, is no easy matter: numerous factors, such as fleet composition, different shift patterns, the number of working days in a week and the use of back-up batteries, must be taken into account.

Optimising the energy efficiency of the forklift truck fleet

analysis of costs
Calculating savings with Fronius

Fronius supports forklift truck operators by providing a free analysis and energy consultation using our proprietary I-SPoT Calculator software tool. The program calculates the potential savings in your forklift truck fleet and determines ways for you to optimise your operating costs using efficient battery charging technology. Various factors are taken into account here, such as the energy required for charging, labour and water consumption from topping up electrolyte as well as the battery life.


Detailed overview of all potential savings

The I-SPoT Calculator provides a simple and clear overview of the potential savings for each year of operation as well as the total operating costs (Total Cost of Ownership) over a period of five years. Detailed results are displayed for various categories, company sites and even individual departments, allowing you to pinpoint in detail the improvements that are most suitable for each location. Furthermore, you can use these analysis results to prove the effectiveness of measures taken to improve energy efficiency.


Innovative battery charging technology reduces operating costs

Battery charging technology helps you to make your forklift truck system more economical and sustainable. Compared with conventional 50 Hz transformer technology and high frequency charging processes from other manufacturers, our Selectiva devices with the Ri charging process offer significant benefits: with a total efficiency of up to 84 percent, they increase the energy efficiency during charging and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Ongoing operating costs are cut as a result, which in turn protects the environment, leaving the user with a cost effective and sustainable intralogistics operation.

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