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Alexander - Team leader CNC milling

Alexander's Story Team leader CNC milling

Team leader

  • First-line management
  • Personnel coordination
  • Operational & strategic tasks
  • Optimisation of working conditions

CNC milling

CNC milling is one of the production departments at Fronius. It is focused on the construction of complex metal parts for our products, using CNC machines, selective laser melting and other technologies. The department is situated in Pettenbach, Austria.  

Look over Alex’ shoulder on a typical workday

Requirements team leader

  • Technical training (for example: Apprenticeship machining technician, 3.5 years)
  • Work experience is beneficial
  • Continuing training of work and leadership skills


Alexander - Team leader CNC milling

Why are you the right person for the job?

Alex: Firstly, because of my professional knowledge and secondly, due to my previous work experience which is an advantage for the position as a team leader. Furthermore, I enjoy the daily challenge of making the best possible use of the synergies between man and machine and ensuring that my team members are satisfied.


Why is your job the right one for you?

Alex: My job is the right mix of different tasks. While I am responsible for leading my team efficiently and providing them with the perfect working conditions, I am still involved with CNC milling, which I was practically born for. Additionally I get to work with new technologies like additive manufacturing using selective laser melting (SLM). Through constant engagement with the different topics one can accumulate a lot of in-depth knowledge.

What‘s SLM?

Selective laser melting is an additive manufacturing process from the group of beam melting processes, more commonly known under the term 3D printing. Metal powder is melted by a laser, creating complex 3D structures.

  • Low material consumption
  • Simple production
  • Improved performance



Can you tell us a bit more about your department?

Alex: Our department is called CNC milling. We work with CNC controlled machines, more specifically, milling machines with 3 and 5 axis. Some of them work highly automated, resulting in the fact that most machines operate around-the-clock. The night shifts are programmed by the employees of the day shifts, so that the machines can work through the night. Another part of our department specialises in additive manufacturing, using SLM. The serial production of SLM manufacturing starts in January 2020.


What special know-how does your department possess?

Alex: We have specialised knowledge in CNC milling with a high degree of automation and in additive manufacturing.


What does success mean to you and your team?

Alex: Success means to us, that the quality of our milling products is meeting the expectations of our customers and our own assembly department – for a price that is comparable to other sources. Another sort of success is the implementation of new technologies like SLM in production processes.

Personal Insights

Alexander - Team leader CNC milling

What is your motto?

Alex: Machines up and running are NOT my first priority. What is important to me, is that my employees can work without interruptions – that way I get satisfied employees AND I have the machines running, on top. That is the leadership principle that I always apply.


Any things that you would miss at another job?

Alex: Yes, a lot! *Laughing*. Generally speaking I would miss the working atmosphere at Fronius, the Fronius spirit. The attentive community and the benefits that Fronius provides for employees also come to my mind. Last but not least the progressive mindset, the will to evolve and invent that creates the necessary environment for new technologies, is unique to our company.


Employee benefits

As a family-owned business Fronius never lost the close relationship to its employees. They profit from numerous offers and benefits like a high-quality subsidised staff restaurant, education and training opportunities, a workplace nursery, and free charging stations for cars and bikes powered by solar energy.

Alexander's advice to new employees

» Try to absorb and internalise the Fronius spirit as soon as possible, it will enable you to reach your goals at Fronius. «

Alexander - Team leader CNC milling

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