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Giuliàn, Process technician at Fronius

Giuliàn's Story Process Technician - Research Tech Solutions

Research Tech Solutions

  • Enthusiasm for innovation
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Technical understanding
  • Interdisciplinary work

The Research Tech Solutions division puts innovative technologies to the test. The focus is on hydrogen technology. The team members work on new methods, test them on prototypes and optimize existing processes.

The Research Tech Solutions team is based at the Thalheim research and development site.

Join Giuliàn for a day at work

Giuliàn: How would I describe my job as a process technician at Fronius? Exciting, innovative and above all diverse! As a process technician, my main task is to design prototypes of electrolysis systems and fuel cells.

There is no such thing as a typical working day. Our work is project-specific, and different tasks await us at each stage.

At the beginning, we consider what the individual parts should look like and what they should be able to do. We come up with a flow diagram and when all the components are in place, we build the prototype. Next, we do a lot of testing. We check various factors and ideally we can simulate optimal operating conditions. For example, we look at temperature, pressure and flow. After the tests, we start evaluating the data. Over recent years, our team has been able to build up a fair amount of know-how about how fuel cells operate.


Giuliàn, Process technician at Fronius

How long have you been with Fronius? 

Giuliàn: I studied process engineering in Vienna, specializing in fuel and energy technology as well as environment and resources, and have now been working at Fronius as a process technician for three years.

My main task is to design and order the components needed for the process and assemble them into a prototype with the help of my colleagues. We also develop an operating strategy, test extensively and evaluate measurement data.


Why is your job the right one for you?

Giuliàn: My job is extremely exciting! With hydrogen technology, Fronius is entering into a cool new business field. We are facing challenges in energy supply that we can better overcome as a community. Hydrogen, as a renewable technology, is an innovative approach to solving problems and there are only a few companies doing research in this sector. At Fronius, I can do my part.


Giuliàn, Process technician at Fronius

What excites you about your work?

Giuliàn: What excites me most about my work is that I get to work with colleagues from different fields and disciplines. For example, the team includes a power electronics engineer, a software developer and an automation engineer. Everyone contributes their expertise and together we work on solutions. We discuss a wide variety of topics, such as how best to build the software or electrical circuits, or how to deal with physical challenges. There are just so many little things that you don't think about on your own, but, in the end, can be crucial for success.


What skills does someone in your position need? 

Giuliàn: Good time and self-management - these are also the biggest challenges. You should have innovative thoughts, like to come up with new concepts, think in an interdisciplinary way, and also be communicative.


Personal insights

Giuliàn, Process technician at Fronius

What do you appreciate about Fronius? 

Giuliàn: Sustainability and a love for innovation are not empty words at Fronius, but a lived reality. This is reflected in the decision to develop hydrogen as a business area. At Fronius, sustainability is at the heart of all decisions. That's important to me personally, because we should leave the planet in such a way that future generations can live just as we do today, without restrictions.


What has been your greatest success on the job so far? 

Giuliàn: My biggest success so far was definitely the commissioning of the first prototype we built. It was a fuel cell system that we designed together in the laboratory in Thalheim. The next step is now the development of the second prototype. In this design, we are now using all the experience we gained in the first project. For example, we are cutting down on sensors and improving the load and operating point.

Giuliàn's advice to new employees

» Don't be afraid to ask questions! That way you'll benefit from your colleagues' knowledge. «

Giuliàn, Process technician at Fronius

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