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Julian's story Welding Applications Engineer, Mexico

Welding Application Engineer

  • Customer focus
  • Teamwork
  • Solutions Oriented

One of the great strengths of our company is the talent and experience of our support and service team. Their work ensures the optimal functioning of our equipment and the support of our clients in their projects. Our National Technical Support team is a strategic advantage over the competitors in the national market.

A day's work with Julian

Julián: Hello, I am Julián de León and I am a welding application engineer here at Fronius México.

My job is to provide technical support to the needs of our clients on a national level.

I find my job fascinating, and I believe it is a mix of passion for welding, the ability to adapt to changes and passion for what we do.

I think if you love what you do and have fun doing it, that's success for me.



Since when are you part of the Fronius family?

Julián: I have been part of the Fronius family for 11 years and I was always looking for a job where I could learn and put my knowledge into practice. Furthermore, throughout this time I have had the opportunity to work with a group of experts, learn from them and provide support on projects for our clients. That community, knowing that you don't work alone, but that we are an entire team with a common goal, I really like that about Fronius.

What are your biggest professional challenges?

Julián: I think for all of us who work at Fronius, the challenge is to have high quality in what we do. Our products have a very high quality, and our service and support must be at the same level. I think that is the daily challenge for all of us, to work to constantly maintain our quality in everything.

Fronius values


How do you live the Fronius values in everyday business?

Julián: The Fronius values have taught me a lot and are very important to me because I believe that having this type of guide, of structure, allows us to have a starting point to consolidate our actions towards success.

For example, the value of quality awareness is very important to me, because without quality there is no transcendence. And the value of Community for me represents trust, which we have in our work team. And it gives you the certainty that you are part of something bigger, of a team that helps you always to move forward, working together on each project.

Personal insights


What is fascinating about your work?

Julián: For me, everything that is part of my job is amazing and in general, I think Fronius is a very attractive company. Perhaps what I am most proud of is that we are the leaders in the industries in which we participate. I think that is something very important for all the employees who work at Fronius, we know that there are many competitors in each business unit, but Fronius always remains as the leader in each industry, whether it is welding, solar energy, or intralogistics.

Julián's advice to new employees

» If you have passion for what you do, you like welding and you have a high level of responsibility and you demand yourself to always do things right from the beginning, I think you are in the right place. for you. Welcome! «


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