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Katharina and Hilmar - Corporate Atlassian Tool Experts at Fronius

Katharina and Hilmar's Story Corporate Atlassian Tool Experts

Application & Interface Engineering

  • Business process-oriented software development
  • Technical expertise with a high degree of specialization
  • Understanding of processes and data as well as their interfaces to each other
  • Interdisciplinary work
  • Ability to work in a team

Application & Interface Engineering (AIE) mainly deals with the development and enhancement of software applications related to business processes. This includes frontend and backend development of internally and externally available websites and webshop presences as well as customizing our company-wide CRM, PLM, IAM and ERP applications. Another area of responsibility includes networking the applications and systems used at Fronius via a central middleware architecture. This is complemented by responsibility for the company-wide software development standard and the closely related Atlassian toolchain.

In addition to the location in Wels, AIE teams can also be found at the Fronius locations in Vienna and Gliwice (Poland) and support requirements coming from all over the world from there.

Join Katharina and Hilmar for a day at work

Hilmar: At Fronius, we take care of the ALM tool. ALM stands for Application Lifecycle Management. We accompany the entire lifecycle of an application, integrating people, processes and tools. The lifecycle includes the idea, the development, the maintenance and finally the decommissioning of the application. Our toolchain makes it possible for the first time to represent knowledge work in a transparent and plannable way.

Katharina: At Fronius, the Atlassian tools Jira and Confluence are used for this task. We take care of their further development and ongoing operation. Maintenance, configuration, scripting and administration are only the technical aspects of our work. Just as important, however, are process understanding and networking to bring out the strengths of the tool.


Katharina and Hilmar in a meeting with colleagues

What excites you about your work?

Katharina: The complex problems we are confronted with and that our job is so varied. You can try to plan ahead, but it often happens that you then have to urgently take care of something else.

What's also great is the communication with colleagues at Fronius. We have to deal with very many different areas – whether it's the Solar Energy Business Unit, Perfect Welding or Perfect Charging.

Hilmar: Each area has different requirements, and of course we also have specifications in the ALM tool that we adhere to. What we have in common, however, is that we work in a solution-oriented and goal-oriented manner. That's what inspires me time and time again.  


What does your day-to-day work look like?

Hilmar: We don't have a typical working day. Every day is different because we are constantly facing new challenges. That's demanding, of course, but that's what makes it extremely exciting to work for us.

Katharina: Besides, it's only in joint discussions that we decide what makes sense to implement and what's better left undone. Not everything that appears to be a useful function at first glance is really helpful in the ALM tool on closer inspection.

Hilmar: Together with our colleagues, we find the right configuration so that everyone is satisfied and can work well.


Katharina and Hilmar looking on a laptop

You signed up together for the employee story, why?

Hilmar: We really only exist as a team.

Katharina: That's right, yes. We often coordinate with each other and if someone has a question, we discuss it together. As far as the requirements are concerned, I'm usually the "good cop" who says we can handle it. Hilmar then has to play the "bad cop" when someone insists on things that we can't reasonably implement (laughs). And if we don't agree, we discuss it.

Hilmar: Exactly. I'm right then.

Katharina: You wish (both laugh).

Personal insights

Katharina and Hilmar at work

What is your biggest challenge?

Hilmar: I would say it's Kathi (laughs), but the biggest challenge for me at the moment is the Software Development Standard. It will be with me for the next months and years.

Katharina: For me, it's the diversity of the tasks we must deal with every day. As Hilmar already pointed out, there is no normal working day and that's why you have to stay flexible. That can be exhausting.

Hilmar's advice to new employees

» My tip for new employees: Be committed and curious, then every door will be open for you at Fronius. «

Katharina and Hilmar in a meeting

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