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Nathalie, Employee ITE on-site support

Nathalie's Story Employee ITE on-site support

Team member IT 

  • Technical know-how
  • Communication skills
  • Readiness to help
  • Autonomous work scheduling

ITE On-Site Support

The ITE On-Site Support ensures that IT equipment at Fronius locations is operational. The department installs, maintains and manages PCs, laptops, printers, telephones etc.

They also resolve technical problems that cannot be fixed remotely. 

[Video] Look over Nathalie's shoulder on a typical workday

Nathalie: No day is the same in the IT department, which makes it very difficult to put a “normal” day into words. However, normally I start off with checking all support tickets and tasks. We prioritize the urgent ones, obviously. 

At the beginning of every month, we normally get to know a lot of new employees. They visit the IT department when they start working at Fronius and receive their equipment from us, whether it is laptop, PC or mobile phone.

Another one of our tasks is the maintenance of printers and appointments with service technicians for equipment that we cannot service ourselves. 


Nathalie, Employee ITE on-site support

What steps did you take on your way to becoming an ITE On-Site Support employee?

Nathalie: In September 2011, I started with an apprenticeship in the electronics department at Fronius which I finished in February 2015. Immediately after that I began my apprenticeship in the IT department which I completed, thanks to my previous job training, in a shorter timeframe than usual in June 2017.

I was always interested in IT, but at the time I started my apprenticeship, there was no dual apprenticeship scheme for electronic and IT available. Changing apprenticeship from electrical engineering to IT wouldn't have paid off during my second year, this is why I decided to finish electrical engineering first.

I thought that I can make my IT apprenticeship additionally -  it is, anyhow, not uncommon for people to learn more than one job - and it definitely paid off in my case.


Why is your job the right one for you? 

Nathalie: Most importantly, I love to work with people. It is important to me that I am able to talk to people face-to-face. I visit them at their workplace, where I take a closer look at the matter at hand. This way, I am able to understand the problem at hand better. 

That is the best part of my job: The variety of tasks and the people that I get to know. In addition, I can schedule my work freely for most of the time. 


Nathalie, Employee ITE on-site support

What skills should someone in your position have?

Nathalie: You certainly need patience to do this job and technical understanding would be really helpful too. There is no way that you know the solution to every problem right away but that is also what makes my work so interesting. 

When you face an issue that you never had before, you have to figure out a solution for it on your own. If that does not work you can always ask a colleague's advice: “Do you know that error?” “Can you help me fix this?” “Do you know someone who would know about this issue?”

The team spirit and our community are the first things that come to mind when hearing Fronius. For me this is really the best thing about the company. You can just feel it in every corner in here.


What kind of advanced training did you participate in at Fronius?

Nathalie: I completed a training to become an apprenticeship trainer myself. The training is very useful for me as the IT department also trains apprentices and I work with them a lot. I really enjoy teaching them new things. 

I also finished some Linux trainings that were provided by the company – which are, of course, an absolute must for an IT technician. 

Personal Insights

Nathalie, Employee ITE on-site support

What is your motivation to get up in the morning?

Nathalie: My motivation after nine and a half years at Fronius is the whole environment. It is not about work alone but about everything else too. I know so many colleagues and departments by now – as soon as I turn onto the parking space, I get the feeling that I’ve “arrived”. 

That is something that was always important to me: I never wanted to have a job just to earn money, only doing it because I had to. I always wanted to work in a company where I enter the building with a smile – and that is definitely the case here.


What is your advice to new employees?

Nathalie: One piece of advice that I give to practically every new employee is that they can sit back and relax a little when they start working here. We take care that every new employee gets a company tour as soon as possible, finds their way around, knows the company rules … Everyone is willing to help each other and facilitate a good start for new colleagues. 

What is your motto?

» Everyone who wants to do something, will find a way and everyone who does not want to do something will find excuses. «

Nathalie, Employee ITE on-site support


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