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Ronald - Teamlead Surface Technology

Ronald's Story Teamlead Sales

» 'Whoever says A does not have to say B. He can also see that A was wrong' – this is a saying by Bertolt Brecht. The insight and the courage to take a step back often brings you further forward than you may think. «

5 Questions to Ronald

What's your job at Fronius?

In the Surface Technology team, I lead the Marketing & Sales department and always deal with the topic of innovation.


What do you like most about your job?

Diversity. As we are a small team, I’m responsible for many tasks and I’m challenged to get involved in many topics. It is fun and variety is guaranteed. I have a lot of contact with colleagues, which keeps me learning new things.


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My curiosity for the upcoming day and the anticipation of what will await me. It motivates me to help shape and learn.


How does your personal effort impact Fronius in a positive way?

I encourage you to look at things from a distance and thus put simplicity before complexity. With this method you can easily find new approaches and ideas.


What are you passionate about in your spare time? 

I‘m fascinated by photography – not only digitally, but also analogically: since last year, I have a 50 year old "Rolleiflex" camera and my own darkroom at home. In photography you have to "learn to see" – to recognize perception, connections and possible compositions. That's what I try to do at work: namely to recognize connections and to change perspectives in order to get a good picture of a topic or situation.