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Stefan, Shift leader turning basics

Stefan's Story Shift leader turning basic

Shift leader

  • First-line management
  • Personnel coordination
  • Allocation of tasks
  • Optimisation of working conditions

Turning Basic

The department Turning Basic produces small and simple metal parts using turning machines.

These parts are often needed in big quantities and as raw material for producing more complex components.

The team is situated in Pettenbach, Austria.


Stefan: We normally work in two shifts. My work typically begins with a tour of the department. I check if everything is alright and all workstations are manned.

If employees are absent, I sometimes set up the machines myself. Subsequently the fine planner is joining us and we discuss together with the team leader the requirements for the day. 

As a result we distribute the tasks to the workstations according to time and effort, until the whole day is thoroughly planned. 

Work orders with great quantities that take a long time are normally done overnight in “ghost shifts”. The late shift is programming the machines and they are working mostly on their own – only a minimal number of personnel is required during the night.


Stefan, Shift leader turning basic

What stages did you complete on your way of becoming a shift leader? 

Stefan: I spent most of my school years in Sattledt. As a ninth school year I picked a secondary college of engineering with a focus on information technology. I soon realised, that it was not what I wanted to do and searched for an apprenticeship instead. I finished a metalworker apprenticeship three and a half year later. 

After the military service I did a retraining as a machining technician and started my career at Fronius. The practical work is – in my opinion – an essential prerequisite for the job of a shift leader. 


Why is your job the right one for you? 

Stefan: It is fascinating to see the transformation of raw material into its final form. Comparing today's technology with the state-of-the-art from 50 years ago, it is apparent that technological evolution has been tremendous. What we are able to do nowadays is amazing.


Connector socket of welding burner and water cooling

What is your biggest professional challenge?

Stefan: Right now the answer certainly is team management. The duty to coordinate a team is relatively new to me, as this is my first leadership position. I do lack some experience on that matter. Leading is also something that has to be learned. 

Nevertheless, it is a lot of fun. I am not going to be bored by my job anytime soon – on the contrary, there is always something to do. 


What makes working at Fronius attractive to you?

Stefan: The employees are a big plus. We have a very informal work environment. I can only speak for the turning department of course, but I assume that it is similar throughout the company. It is important to me that everybody gets along well. 

What is more: Fronius is a very employee-friendly company. Whenever somebody needs a day off or something unexpected happens – they offer full support. That of course is only possible because the employees are also willing to help each other out if necessary.

Personal insights

Stefan, Shift leader turning basic

Since when are you part of the Fronius family?

Stefan: I joined the company five and a half years ago when I started as machining technician. 

Fun fact: Before I started at Fronius I did an apprenticeship as a metalworker which is only to some extent related to the job as a machining technician. During that time I used the tools which we now produce parts for – basically a closed loop. I think that is really cool.


How would you describe your way of working?

Stefan: We are a premium manufacturer and our clients expect high quality. Naturally, wherever people work, mistakes are made – that is almost inevitable. I am a very quality-conscious person, and I do my best to pass that mind-set on to my team members.

Stefan's advice to new employees

» Keep it cool. When stressed you make more errors as compared to when you're calm. «

Raw material for turning


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Stefan, Shift leader turning basic

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