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Shift leader assembly, Perfect Charging

Uta's Story Shift Leader Assembly, Perfect Charging

Shift Leader

  • First-line Management
  • Personnel coordination
  • Allocation of tasks
  • Optimisation of working conditions

Assembly Perfect Charging

The department Assembly, Perfect Charging, assembles the Fronius battery chargers part by part.

The complex devices pass through several work steps and test stations before they are delivered to customers. The team is situated in Sattledt, Austria.

Look over Uta‘s shoulder on a typical workday

Uta: My typical workday starts by checking how many orders are open. I distribute the orders so that my team can work and make sure that there is enough material to work with.

Then I approve orders for the next day. During the course of the shift I process my emails and deal with other organisational matters such as holiday requests and sick leave.

I am also responsible for production planning for the upcoming days.Of course I also check the assembly lines from time to time to see if everything is alright. The final task is the handover to the next shift leader.


Shift leader assembly, Perfect Charging

What stages did you complete on your way to becoming a shift leader?

Uta: After graduating from school in Germany, I studied and graduated in office administration.

Afterwards I completed an apprenticeship as a restaurant specialist and went to Austria. I then worked as a restaurant specialist here in Austria before I joined Fronius four and a half years ago.

I started as a semi-skilled employee in the Electronics department, became an assistant shift leader later on and since October 2019 I am shift leader in Assembly Perfect Charging.


Why is your job the right one for you?

Uta: Because I love working with people. I enjoy working in a community and I am a team player. That's why I constantly work on strengthening teamwork and, at the same time, make sure that we have fun at work.


Shift leader assembly, Perfect Charging

What things fascinate you about your work?

Uta: It's fascinating how many people are needed for a product like this to be assembled in the end. Even if it's just a small Easy*. 


What is your biggest professional challenge?

Uta: To inspire the team to work together instead of everyone working on their own.


What makes working at Fronius attractive to you?

Uta: At Fronius there is a great sense of community and one has many opportunities for further education and training.

*Acctiva Easy

The small but powerful Acctiva Easy charges batteries fully automatically and safely. It is designed for use with lead starter batteries.

When charged the charger automatically switches to trickle charge to prevent self-discharge.

The battery charging system can remain permanently connected to the battery with minimum energy consumption.

Acctiva Easy

Personal Insights

Shift leader assembly, Perfect Charging

What is your motto?

Uta: Live and let live! Life is a constant give and take. If I want something, then I must also give something. 


Any things that you would miss at another job?

Uta: I don't think there would be so much room for our ideas at another employer. We can contribute many ideas ourselves and it is desired that we do so. 


What is your motivation to get up in the morning?

Uta: That I can work with my team again. *laughs* Now I actually wanted to say coffee, but then I bit my tongue.

How would you describe your work mantra in one sentence?

» From a great community and a great team comes great quality and a great product! «

Shift leader assembly, Perfect Charging


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