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Fronius Tauro Life Cycle Assessment – Part 3: Significance for customers and installers


5/17/2023 / Austria
Life cycle assessments help us even better understand and optimize our products – and not only when it comes to sustainability. Customers and installers also benefit from our LCAs and their results and findings.

Sustainability pays off

There can be no question that sustainability is growing more important all the time. What used to be a desirable quality has now become an important decision-making criterion for companies and private consumers. In the future, sustainability is expected to become a must-have feature.

Accordingly, the provable and reproducible results of our LCAs are valuable for purchasing and installing businesses. Our analyses provide guidance and persuasive arguments – for purchasing as well as for reselling to our customers.

One important thing to know in this context: The sustainability of a product will in the near future be even more directly reflected in the final price and therefore noticed by the customer. The more sustainable a product is, the more attractive its price becomes.

This is a good development, because if sustainability also offers economic benefits, the efforts on the part of all to achieve it will intensify – for the good of everyone as well as for the planet.

Installation businesses are part of the environmental benefit

Fronius has always developed products that feature long service life and repairability. We also study this as part of the LCAs and we can back up the effects with figures.

Thanks to its high repairability and depending on the scenario, the carbon footprint of the Fronius Tauro ECO 100 is up to 45 times lower than the worst-case scenario: replacing the entire inverter. This means that the repair brings significant environmental benefits – also thanks to the involvement of the installers, who carry out all the repair work and also have access to digital support in the form of Fronius apps.

Anyone supplying Fronius products can be sure that durability, repairability and serviceability are sustainable in every sense of the word.

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