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An Anniversary and Sustainable Solutions on the Horizon


The coming year will bring numerous innovations from Fronius. The 30th anniversary of the Business Unit Solar Energy will be celebrated in 2022, placing the focus once again on sustainability. The new Fronius Tauro inverter will impress with its outstanding life cycle analysis results. A new online management tool will support installers in their work in the coming year. There is also plenty going on in the hydrogen field: A new Solhub is being opened, as is the first green hydrogen production plant in Lower Austria. Last but not least, we can report on popular products such as the Fronius Wattpilot and the Fronius Ohmpilot, which successfully round off the topic of energy sector integration.

30 years of experience in the photovoltaics industry, not many people can claim the same. High quality, practiced sustainability, and strong partnerships have made us what we are. We look back proudly on the past 30 years and look toward the future with equal optimism,” says Martin Hackl, Global Director of the Business Unit Solar Energy, Fronius International GmbH. With the upcoming anniversary, Fronius is also presenting numerous innovations:

Sustainably Flexible: Fronius Tauro
The Fronius Tauro inverter will be available in the 50 kW power category as of January. It has three MPP trackers and a very wide input voltage range, making it particularly ideal for demanding PV designs. Its double-walled housing and active cooling enable use under the most adverse environmental conditions. At the same time, it’s quick to install and easy to maintain. Together with the Tauro Eco, it forms an unbeatable duo for cost-efficient yet flexible projects.

High Expectations for Life Cycle Analysis Results
The results of the Tauro life cycle analysis (LCA) are expected over the course of the coming year. For the GEN24 Plus, Fronius has the world’s first LCA to be confirmed by an independent institute (Fraunhofer). “The expectations for the results of the life cycle analysis for the Fronius Tauro inverter are high. We naturally want to follow up on the excellent LCA of the GEN24 Plus”, reveals David Schönmayr, Project Manager, R&D Fronius International GmbH, about the ambitious goals.

New Online Management Tool Supports Installers
Fronius is also expanding its digital services in accordance with the wishes of its partners. With the aid of the new online management tool, companies can centrally and efficiently monitor, manage, and maintain all Fronius PV systems installed around the world. The tool helps the installer offer their customers the best possible after-sales service and keeps monitoring work as low as possible.

New Solhub and Commissioning of the First Green Hydrogen Production Plant in Lower Austria
At the Fronius site in Steinhaus (Upper Austria), a new Solhub was commissioned in 2021. The opening ceremony will take place in fall 2022. In addition to refueling the Fronius company fleet, the plant also serves to further strengthen operational experience and to advance research and development. The new Solhub already has its own Fronius electrolyser, which generates around 48 kg of hydrogen per day.   The ground-breaking ceremony for Lower Austria’s first green hydrogen production plant took place in May 2021. The Fronius Solhub will be commissioned in spring 2022. It is being erected in the SAN Biotech Park and will run entirely on renewable energy.

Successful Products Round Off the Energy Sector Integration
The Fronius Wattpilot charging solution was particularly successful last year. “We have received great feedback, especially about the fully automatic 1-/3-phase switching. This allows the excess PV energy to be used more effectively and the overall energy costs to be reduced,” explains Martin Hackl. The adapter sets enable greater flexibility as they can be used to charge anywhere.

Incidentally, a heat pump and our Fronius Ohmpilot form the perfect combination when it comes to heat from solar energy,” reveals Martin Hackl. The heat pump is highly efficient and can generate up to five times the amount of heat from an available amount of electricity. The fast Fronius Ohmpilot consumption regulator controls the heating element in the boiler or buffer storage even with very small excess quantities. This keeps the temperature in the boiler consistently high. The heat pump does not need to switch itself on and off as often, thereby preserving it over the long term.

We look forward to the coming year. After all, what more could you want for your 30th anniversary than to support your customers and partners with new, exciting products and solutions?” concludes Hackl.

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