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Fronius: cost effectiveness is part of the solar energy strategy


For companies, a photovoltaic system is a profitable investment. One prerequisite is that the components are correctly designed and selected. Fronius Solar Energy knows from its many years of experience how costs can be reduced and what is relevant to efficient energy generation. In addition, the solar experts provide added value in terms of service and support.
pv field installation in Batangas

For the use of photovoltaics (PV) to be especially profitable in the commercial sector, planners need to think through the system concept, from purchasing right through to long-term operation. With its solutions, Fronius is also making a significant contribution to the vision of 24 hours of sun within the commercial sector. For this, besides the reliable and profitable generation of solar energy, a reduction in the balance-of-system costs plays a particularly important role. These costs relate to all of the components of a photovoltaic system, with the exception of the photovoltaic modules, and make up a significant proportion of the total investment. Fronius sees great potential savings in the AC/DC cabling and distributor boxes in particular, depending on the system design and the inverters. In addition, simpler and more rapid installation is another cost factor.

In terms of planning and estimating costs and yields, in addition to the capital expenditure (CAPEX), the anticipated operating costs (OPEX) also need to be taken into account. It is also important to precisely analyse the expected yields. This makes the advantages of Fronius inverters with active cooling technology clear: The system designs of the Fronius Eco and Fronius Symo inverters can be flexibly adapted to the applicable circumstances, the maintenance costs of the equipment are low, and should there be a problem, this can be efficiently rectified using the most rapid service concept on the market, PC board replacement. The standard connection to the internet via WLAN or Ethernet makes system monitoring easier. Tom Peebles from Fronius Service Partner Plus Solenergy Systems Inc. demonstrates these advantages in relation to a reference project in the Philippines: “Fronius SnapINverter offers a simpler design solution and ensures a high level of system availability. The simple assembly speeds up installation, commissioning and maintenance considerably.”

The best support thanks to know-how transfer
With 4771 kWp, this project involves the largest self-consumption system in South-East Asia. The installation location also shows how crucial having a low-maintenance, easy-to-assemble product in combination with the right service concept really is. This is because, besides the price-sensitive market, the local circumstances are a challenge for the installer, Solenergy Systems. Fronius stands out on both fronts: The inverter concept with active cooling optimises both the installation costs and the maintenance costs. “In addition, Fronius supports the continued training of installers. This ensures the quality of the systems and the availability of service technicians, thereby offering the right service concept for a country made up of over 7000 islands,” adds Hans Georg Einwagner, Area Sales Manager for Fronius International GmbH.

The addition of remote monitoring
It’s not just rapid service and high quality that are decisive for the reliability of the power supply; monitoring is also indispensable. Operators can use the Fronius Solar.web online portal to monitor, analyse and compare their photovoltaic systems wherever they are, and they can also use it to carry out remote updates. In addition, Fronius offers a comprehensive range of services, which begins with the extended warranty and goes right through to support when commissioning a PV system and comprehensive service packages. The aim is to immediately remedy any defects and therefore keep the downtime of the photovoltaic system to a minimum. A key element here is the unique PC board replacement process, which allows Fronius Service Partners to replace defective parts as quickly as possible.

The result is a cost effective concept that holistically and sustainably optimises the system costs of commercial systems and maximises yields, whilst ensuring high availability through rapid and qualified service. Fronius supports installers and their service partners with detailed information and technical assistance. Not least, Fronius offers high security of investment with its 26 years’ experience with roof systems. This factor takes on even more significance when financing commercial photovoltaic projects.

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