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Fronius GEN24


Fronius ensures optimum safety and a high level of self-consumption for solar energy production with its high-quality inverters, and is now expanding its product portfolio with the Fronius GEN24.

The heart of any photovoltaic system is the inverter. It gets the most out of the sun and provides households with solar power in the best possible way for their individual needs. Building on the proven Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter, the Fronius GEN24 is the latest Fronius inverter for the home. At first glance, both products are almost identical in name, and boast the usual Fronius quality and specific features.

The new Fronius GEN24 impresses as a versatile inverter with an integrated basic backup power function, the PV Point. In the event of a power failure, a load such as a radio or cell phone charger, or even a small circuit up to 3 kW, can be supplied with single-phase power via a separate, protected outlet without any additional components being needed. This represents an important step toward independence from the public grid and energy self-sufficiency. “With the Fronius GEN24, our customers are less reliant on the public grid and also save a significant amount of money,” says Leonhard Peböck, Product Marketing Solar Energy at Fronius International GmbH. “Our inverter offers them the efficient solution of using the electricity from their own PV system themselves as long as the sun is shining. In times of volatile energy prices, this is a particular benefit of the GEN24.”

As a hybrid inverter, the tried-and-tested Fronius GEN24 Plus combined with a battery enables excess, self-generated solar power to be stored and consumed even during low-sun (nighttime) hours, bringing 24 hours of sun into the home. Thanks to the additional Full Backup option, the entire household and even large loads are still reliably supplied with electricity in the event of a power failure.

Convert to a hybrid inverter with a software upgrade

First the photovoltaic system, then a total energy solution: the Fronius GEN24 can become a hybrid inverter in no time at all, including the optional Full Backup option and the ability to connect to a battery storage system. All that’s needed is Fronius—the innovative software upgrade from Fronius. It makes the Fronius GEN24 future-proof and thus a constant companion on the customer’s personal path to the energy transition.

Versatility as standard

Whether suspended, flat, or placed in a specific mounting bracket, and whether indoors or outdoors—the Fronius GEN24 is a real all-rounder, offering full design flexibility even under challenging conditions. “The inverter allows roof structures with different orientations or even small areas to be optimally used to produce energy. Thanks to the integrated shading algorithm—the Dynamic Peak Manager from Fronius—the highest yields are achieved even with partial shading,” Peböck continues.

Focus on sustainability

The Fronius GEN24 contains the well-known, impressive features of the Fronius inverters, such as the active cooling technology for continued high performance even at high ambient temperatures and the open system architecture, which makes it easy to integrate other components like home automation systems. In addition, individual components are easy to replace and service as needed. This keeps both the use of resources and the carbon footprint extremely low, impressively confirmed by the life cycle analysis (LCA) of the European-made sustainable Fronius inverter.

“Fronius is synonymous with holistic energy systems that boast the best carbon footprint. Our comprehensive and transparent product sustainability sets us apart from the competition. We are pioneers in the industry, both in terms of the level of detail and the consistency of the life cycle assessment. With the Fronius GEN24, we are once again able to support our customers with their personal energy transition in the best possible way,” says Martin Hackl, Global Director Marketing & Sales, Business Unit Solar Energy, Fronius International GmbH.