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Fronius Symo Hybrid receives Plus X Award


The Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter was recently singled out for praise, receiving the PLUS X AWARD1 in six out of seven categories. In the areas of innovation, high quality, design, ease of use, functionality and ecology, the SnapINverter is regarded as an outstanding and innovative, high-quality product. What's more, it was crowned the “Best Product of 2015/2016” in the “Energy and Lighting” category.
Logo of Plus X Award for best product
The Fronius Symo Hybrid was crowned “Best Product of 2015/2016” in the “Energy and Lighting” category.
“We are extremely pleased that, following the Fronius Galvo and the Fronius Symo, the third SnapINverter, the Fronius Symo Hybrid, has now been honoured with the Plus X Award too. This shows that we are on the right path in developing high-quality, innovative solutions for our customers”, commented the head of division, Martin Hackl.

The Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter is the centrepiece of the Fronius storage solution. It helps to make solar energy available 24 hours a day. Multi Flow Technology, which enables intelligent, parallel control of the energy flows and is therefore essential to the optimum use of a storage system, is integrated as standard. The inverter regulates the energy flows so that the highest possible level of self-supply is attained.

The free Fronius Solar.web online monitoring tool and the corresponding Fronius Solar.web App allow the system operator to conveniently monitor the photovoltaic yields and all the energy flows within the system.

Fronius is also responsible for further innovative solutions, namely a type 1+2 surge arrester as an additional option for the Fronius Symo and Fronius Eco inverters, and the Fronius Power Package, which offers greater flexibility thanks to the new option of combining two inverters.

Integrated overvoltage protection cuts costs

Depending on the different lightning protection provisions in the individual regions, a type 1 DC surge arrestor may be required. In order to satisfy this requirement and also to help its customers cut system costs, Fronius now offers a type 1+2 combination surge arrestor2 as an option for the Fronius Symo3 and Fronius Eco SnapINverters.

“Previously, if a type 1 DC surge arrestor was required, the customer would have had to use an additional DC connector box, as up until now it was not possible for the majority of inverter manufacturers to install this within the inverter. With the new option, we offer our customers an economical and simple solution”, remarks Jürgen Hürner, Product Manager at Fronius.

The advantages of two inverters united in a single package
With larger-scale photovoltaics projects, project planners are repeatedly faced with challenges such as complex shading scenarios4 or short string lengths5. Fronius has taken this issue in its stride and developed a suitable solution. The cost-effective Fronius Eco can now be combined with the flexible Fronius Symo in the Fronius Power Package6 system solution.

In addition to the usual advantages of the Fronius Power Package, such as simple installation or flexible data communication, the new combination option brings even greater flexibility to the system. The entire solution is completed with an AC combiner that is perfectly adapted to the inverter. And as if there were not already enough, the finished complete package is delivered on a pallet.

“The uniform inverter platform, which makes life easier for our customers while simultaneously saving them time and money, is unique. Furthermore, Fronius is currently the only company to offer an AC combiner that is perfectly adapted to the inverters in this power category”, explains Jürgen Hürner.

1 Besides the RedDot and the IF Design Award, the Plus X Award is one of the best-known international design and innovation prizes for products from the fields of technology, sport and lifestyle. Innovations that make life easier, look better and more ecologically sound are rewarded. For purchasers, the mark of quality constitutes a powerful purchase recommendation at the point of sale.

2 Relates to Europe and India.

3 Relevant for Fronius Symo in the 10 kW, 15 kW and 20 kW power categories.

4 Due to superstructures on roofs

5 Due to the topology of the construction site

6 Relates to Europe and India.

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