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Business owners

Fronius EMIL Designed to move.

Smart charging management for your company's electric cars

Fronius EMIL is currently available in Austria and Germany, with other countries to follow. We will keep you updated about new availabilities at all times on our website.

All at the same time.
With Fronius EMIL, you can now charge and manage all your company’s electric cars with just one charging solution – conveniently, efficiently, and without any additional hardware components. The innovative e-mobility software for your company fully automates the supply of power to your entire corporate fleet: intelligently, user-based and individually adapted to your company’s overall power consumption. Fronius EMIL is available as a practical cloud solution.  
Fronius EMIL’s intelligent load management keeps the mains current draw below the connected load at all times, thus preventing overloads in power consumption or other operating equipment. This makes the charging process effective and reliable and avoids load peaks as well as shutdowns

Move more worldwide: Use your web browser to conveniently control and monitor the charging behavior of your e-cars, no matter where you are: You have a secure and convenient overview of all charging points for your e-car fleet at all locations worldwide and can manage them centrally.

  • Intelligently harmonized with operational power consumption
  • Avoids load peaks thanks to limited mains current draw
  • Unlimited number of charging points possible without additional hardware
  • Allows use of wallboxes from different manufacturers*
  • Flexible solution in the cloud
  • Convenient monitoring of your worldwide e-car fleet, anytime and anywhere


* Fronius-approved products with OCPP* 1.6 protocol

Intelligent charging management – what it does for you

Total reliability – low costs
The climate-friendly alternative: Fronius EMIL ensures the best possible use of your electrical supply capacity throughout your business – whether you get all your energy from the grid or generate some of it yourself through renewables. Fronius EMIL actively avoids peak loads and high grid purchase costs. The software solution ensures that the power supply won’t get overloaded during operation or even shut down as a consequence.
Charge the way you want
With Fronius EMIL, you can charge the way that best suits you and your business: individually, cost-effectively and tailored to your daily routine. With just one software solution, you are optimally networked with all your company’s locations, no matter where you happen to be at the moment. You determine the time slots during which you want to charge your e-car fleet – perfectly timed to fit your schedule. In doing so, you can prioritize electric cars and always have the cars you need available at the right time. Fronius EMIL’s patent-worthy control algorithm makes it all possible.
Flexible & individual
Thanks to the Fronius EMIL cloud solution, no additional hardware components are required – even for an unlimited number of charging points. This flexibility continues right on through to its operation: You have broad leeway in load management and benefit from clear and concise, individual reports. This lets you easily integrate managing the charging of your electric cars into your daily mobile work routine.

Always on the go

Perfectly adapted

Simple planning and installation are hallmarks of the Fronius EMIL. You only need two components on site: a smart meter with IP standard and an e-mobility charging infrastructure. You can use wallboxes from different manufacturers and adapt their selection to your circumstances. 

There are also no limits to the number of vehicles you can have in your e-fleet – and extensions in your existing Fronius EMIL software system are possible at any time.


Smart down to the smallest detail

At all locations and at all times: With the Fronius EMIL wallbox charging control system, you can easily, centrally and independently monitor and manage all electric cars at all of your corporate locations worldwide. 
In addition, you benefit from extensive reporting options, individual user management and clear graphic visualization. Each charging process is given a detailed entry with specific information about duration, charged kilowatt hours, and more. 
Data preparation is secure and user-friendly, and can be used as a convenient basis for internal billing.

Sustainability made in Austria

The innovative Fronius EMIL software solution is 100 percent developed and maintained in Austria. Behind this is a sustainability concept that focuses on efficiency and resource conservation: Fronius EMIL makes maximum use of your company's existing infrastructure, avoids unnecessary costs, and doesn’t require any additional components.

Quality pays off

/ Smart technology

Fronius uses intelligent solutions to enable flexible charging concepts for electric cars.

/ 75 years of experience

This family business was founded by Günter Fronius more than seven decades ago. Today the team includes more than 5,000 people who are working together to achieve the energy transition.

/ Made in Austria

Fronius quality has always been produced in Austria. Sustainable production is especially important to us.

/ Strong partners

A Fronius partner – trained and certified by us – is available near you to advise and assist you with your own energy transition.


Are you interested in Fronius EMIL?

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Please note that Fronius EMIL is currently only available in Austria and Germany. We will keep you updated about new availabilities in additional countries on our website.