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Business owners

Fronius Tauro designed to perform.

The inverter for commercial PV systems

It delivers what it promises: Fronius Tauro stands for maximum flexibility in terms of system design with minimal overall system operating costs. The robust Fronius Tauro inverter makes your commercial photovoltaic system even more cost-effective. Whether under direct sunlight or in extreme heat, its double-walled housing and active cooling enable full power and maximum yields even under the harshest environmental conditions. At the same time, the sturdy project inverter from Austria is quick to install and maintain.

Fronius Tauro. Designed to perform.

Perfectly adapted to the PV system of your enterprise

Full power for your company’s PV system

Tauro product advantages:

  • Robust and durable: Its double-walled housing and active cooling make Fronius Tauro extremely robust.
  • Cost-efficient: Thanks to its innovative system architecture, Fronius Tauro is particularly flexible in terms of system design and allows efficient installation and maintenance. This ensures stable operation and minimises overall system operating costs.
  • Fast servicing: Simple replacement of individual power stage sets and digital online support tools guarantee optimal service support for Fronius Tauro.

Robust and durable

Designed to buck direct sunlight and high temperatures: its double-walled housing and active cooling give the Fronius Tauro a long service life and make it a robust commercial solar inverter that will always deliver top performance.

Cost-efficient with fast servicing

The Fronius Tauro series impresses in any situation: thanks to its flexibility in terms of system design and the innovative system architecture, the flexible Tauro and the cost-effective Tauro ECO can easily be adapted to the individual requirements and circumstances of your company’s photovoltaic system, and they can be combined in any way you choose. 

Fronius Tauro is particularly quick to install and efficient to maintain. When servicing is required, only the affected power stage set needs to be replaced rather than the entire project inverter. This makes for safe operation and fast, cost-efficient servicing.

Which Tauro is right for your PV system?

Fronius Tauro

  • Power category: 50 kW
  • For challenging PV configurations


Fronius Tauro ECO

  • Power categories: 50, 99.99 and 100 kW
  • Ideal for simply designed, cost-optimised PV systems  


The two Tauro models can also be combined in any way you choose to create an extremely cost-effective system offering maximum flexibility.

Fronius Solar.web lets you keep an eye on the performance of your company’s PV system at all times

Like all Fronius products, Fronius Tauro can be conveniently monitored, controlled and maintained from a smartphone or PC. With the free Solar.web online tool, you can keep an eye on the energy yield and consumption of your commercial PV system at all times. Solar.web is available as an app and in a PC version.
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Sustainable throughout

From production to maintenance: sustainability is our promise. For more than 75 years, Fronius has stood for intensive research, innovative technologies, high-quality products and cost-effective solutions over generations. Fronius Tauro shows that sustainability at every stage of the product cycle pays dividends. The project inverter is designed for durability and was developed and produced in Austria with the fewest possible replaceable components. This makes the Tauro particularly robust and failure-resistant, and means that only individual parts need to be replaced during on-site servicing, thereby saving time and conserving resources.

Find a suitable partner installer now

By installing a photovoltaic system, you are laying the foundation for a sustainable and cost-effective energy supply. It pays to invest in quality components and work with reliable partners.

As solar pioneers with more than 75 years of experience, we produce our inverters under strict quality guidelines in Austria and work closely with our Fronius System Partners. Our partner network consists of over 5,800 competent installers around the world.

Find a suitable partner installer and let us support you personally, from the consultation to the installation.

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