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Business owners

Fronius Verto Designed to transform.

Total flexibility and safety for your PV system

The highest yields, maximum safety, and total flexibility for small businesses, agricultural applications, and apartment buildings: The Fronius Verto makes all your photovoltaic dreams come true.

Whether you are installing a new PV system or expanding an existing one, the Fronius Verto can easily handle both simple or complex system designs. Thanks to the four high-current MPPT concept, a wide input voltage range, and innovative shade management, this highly adaptable inverter ensures optimum operation.

The Fronius Verto guarantees the highest European safety standards for both your PV system and your data, even in its basic configuration. This is all thanks to the built-in overvoltage and arc protection, as well as our servers and cloud storage in Europe.


Fronius Verto - Designed to transform.
Available in power categories 25, 27, 30, and 33.3 kW.

Total flexibility

The Fronius Verto offers maximum flexibility with four high-current MPP trackers and a wide voltage range. This makes the inverter ideally suited to complex system designs and all your individual requirements. What’s more, the Fronius Verto uses an integrated Dynamic Peak Manager algorithm that enables users to achieve optimal yields even in shady conditions.

Maximum safety

With an integrated surge protection device and an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (Fronius Arc Guard), the Fronius Verto guarantees the very highest safety standards even in its basic configuration, without the need to pay for additional components. With Fronius, you can also rest assured that your data is in the best hands. This is ensured by our certified information security system and our servers and cloud storage in Europe.

Optimal use

Use excess solar energy for other PV applications such as e-mobility or heat, save costs, and ensure faster amortization for your system. Thanks to its open interfaces, the Fronius Verto enables easy integration of consumption regulators, such as the Fronius Ohmpilot or Fronius Wattpilot. A perfect addition to your PV system: Our Fronius EMIL software solution supplies your e-fleet with electricity in a fully automated process across all locations. Heat pumps or smarthome systems are easy to integrate and work well with the Fronius Verto.

Durable, efficient, and sustainable

When manufacturing Fronius products, we always operate according to the principle “Designed and produced with sustainability in mind”. We attach great importance to the conscious use of resources by using recycled and reusable materials whenever possible. Thanks to active cooling of the power electronics, the Fronius Verto has a particularly long service life. The SPDs can also be replaced on site, saving time and resources.

Everything at a glance

Our digital tools such as Fronius Solar.web allow you to continuously monitor your PV system as well as your energy yield and consumption. This enables you to identify power guzzlers, analyze and optimize your energy consumption, and thus shorten the amortization period of your system.
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Find your Fronius partner

By installing a photovoltaic system, you are laying the foundation for a sustainable and cost-effective energy supply. It pays to invest in quality components and work with reliable partners.

As solar pioneers with more than 75 years of experience, we produce our inverters in accordance with strict quality guidelines in Europe and work closely with our Fronius Solutions Partners.

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