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24 hours of sun—At home and especially on vacation

With the Fronius Tauro and Fronius Symo inverters, a Spanish hotel produces solar power for its guests and, in doing so, is breaking new ground: the photovoltaic system is not only on the roof, but also on the facade.
The Don José hotel in Castalla wants to provide its guests with a sustainable holiday experience in the Spanish province of Alicante as well as save energy costs. An exceptional photovoltaic system was therefore created to take advantage of the many hours of sunshine—during the summer months there are more than twelve on average. Since October 2022, two Fronius inverters have been in operation 30 kilometers from the Mediterranean coast for the hotel’s own solar power production.

Photovoltaic system on the facade

The installation has a very special feature that sets it apart from most other photovoltaic systems: the PV modules are not only on the roof of the building, but also on its facade. Fronius System Partner Ijes Solar integrated the panels efficiently as well as elegantly into the building structure using their combined electrical, mechanical, and architectural expertise. Daniel Esteve, head of photovoltaic projects at Ijes Solar, considers the integration of the facade into the PV system to be groundbreaking: “Photovoltaic systems on roofs and unused surfaces are already widely used. Now we’ve gone one step further: the double photovoltaic system on the roof and on the facade is a prime example of the enormous potential of photovoltaic energy.”


The powerful Fronius Tauro project inverter paves the way for the aesthetic revolution through its particularly high flexibility in terms of system design. Whether installed horizontally or vertically, it provides full power in any position. Through its innovative photovoltaic system, which is equipped with the Fronius Tauro and the Fronius Symo, the Don José hotel proves that photovoltaic technology can adapt to the anatomy of a building to combine aesthetics, sustainability, and efficiency.

Juan, the hotel manager, is proud of the unique selling point of his installation: “It was important to us to operate sustainably and at the same time to visually stand out from other companies. We have succeeded in this. The new photovoltaic system gives us a modern image.”


Full power with low costs

In order to supply the hotel restaurant, rooms, gym, and administrative offices with electricity largely autonomously, the hotel owners opted for a photovoltaic system with two Fronius inverters. More than 91,000 kWh of electricity flows through the Fronius Tauro and the Fronius Symo per year.

The hotel uses three quarters of the electricity produced itself in order to be able to accommodate and cater for its guests as independently as possible. The investment in sustainability pays off in the long term with low ongoing energy costs. The robust housing of the Fronius Tauro inverter can withstand Spain’s scorching summer sun and saves the hotel owners even more time and money thanks to its straightforward maintenance.


Concise overview. Anytime and anywhere

Fronius customers can find a clear summary of their current power generation and consumption in Fronius Solar.web, our free monitoring tool for photovoltaic systems. This means that hotel manager Juan can monitor up-to-date values of the hotel’s current energy production and consumption at all times and even on the go, as well as optimize energy-intensive processes in daily operations using the data. If required, installers receive information about the installed inverters and their status in the same application. The online tool also breaks down what proportion of energy production is used directly within the hotel and how much is fed into the grid.

Becoming part of the energy revolution

Our customers value European quality. We at Fronius are proud to be able to provide them with powerful and long-lasting products that enable energy self-sufficiency and to drive forward the energy revolution together. With its high self-consumption and the long service life of our inverters, the Don José hotel saves a large part of its energy costs in the long term and can also impress its guests through its sustainable image.

Do you also want to focus on sustainable energy with your company? Our Fronius Solutions Partners are happy to guide you through the entire process. From planning to installation and servicing, Fronius and its Solutions Partners offer the right solution for every situation.