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Enterprise with rooftop solar installation

Maximum self-consumption results in a quick return on system costs
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JTI, a multinational corporation with more than 40,000 employees worldwide, is killing two birds with one stone with a roof-mounted photovoltaic system in Batangas, Philippines. JTI is using the company’s vast roof area to produce electricity for its loads, such as the cooling systems in the halls. As a result, the company no longer has to purchase as much expensive electricity from the public grid and is reducing its CO2 emissions, which is becoming a legal requirement in more and more countries.



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Maximum self-consumption of solar power for industrial enterprise

With its photovoltaic system, JTI is producing approx. 6,500 MWh of CO2-free solar power a year. The company consumes the entire yield itself and thus operates one of the largest self-consumption systems in south-east Asia. But JTI is not just leading the way in terms of self-consumption either; 4.77 MWp roof-mounted systems are also rather rare. However, JTI has recognised the opportunity afforded by the enormous roof area and has used it intelligently. For example, the company can use the PV power for cooling and lighting in its buildings.

Lowest operating costs over the entire service life

Unlike inverters from other manufacturers, Fronius inverters do not require regular maintenance, which means massive ongoing cost savings for JTI. If maintenance is required on an inverter, this can be performed on site by qualified installers – in just one visit. The result is maximum yields and a quick return on the total costs.




Meet legal requirements with zero feed-in

Inverters from Fronius allow for zero feed-in, which means that no current is fed into the grid. More and more countries around the world are stipulating this as a requirement, with percentage increments of the feed-in being requested in some cases.


Fronius devices are equipped with dynamic power reduction as standard, which enables these zero feed-in requirements to be met without further costs.

Info box:

System size: Approx. 4.77 MWp
Fronius products: 213 x Fronius Symo 20.0-3-M
Annual yield: 6,500 MWh
Special feature:

Largest self-consumption system in south-east Asia

100% self-consumption

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