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What you should consider before buying a photovoltaic system

PV Basics

It is now undisputed that photovoltaics makes an important contribution to the energy transition. It is no longer possible to imagine our energy economy without solar power. However, when it comes to their own home, many are unsure how to get a photovoltaic system and what they need to consider. We have summarised the most important information for buying a PV system and found one thing above all: A well-planned photovoltaic system not only helps the environment, but above all saves its owners a lot of money.
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1. Best first: PV is worthwhile in any case

Probably the most important information about photovoltaics for the home is that a PV system is worthwhile in any case. Electricity prices are on the rise worldwide. In most countries, the average purchased kilowatt hour already costs more than twice as much as a kilowatt hour of solar power from your own roof. In some countries, you even have to pay three times as much for electricity from the grid.

So the question is not whether the investment in a PV system is profitable, but only when it will pay for itself.

2. The more PV electricity is consumed, the faster the system pays for itself.

To keep the payback period of a PV system as low as possible, it is advisable to maximise your self-consumption. This means that you consume as much of your PV generated electricity as possible. This should already be considered when planning the PV system.

If a lot of time is spent at home, the PV system can be designed accordingly, as then a lot of your own solar power can be consumed in the household. In this way, you forgoe the ever decreasing feed-in tariffs and, instead, operate the electrical appliances in your household with your own solar power.

Valuable tips on how to make the most of your own electricity can be found here.

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3. What to consider when dimensioning a photovoltaic system

To maximise self-consumption and thus increase the savings potential of the PV system, two important factors should be taken into account when planning the system:

Current electricity consumption should be analysed and future changes in energy demand should be considered.

Is an electric car planned? Do you want to add an electricity storage system in the future? Only when these questions have been answered can the PV system be correctly configured. The most economical solar systems are those that are sized to fit to the owner's electricity needs.

In case of any doubt, it is always cheaper to install a few more solar modules on the roof than are currently necessary, because this saves expensive retrofitting in the future.




4. Investing in quality makes sense

If you research different providers before investing in a PV system, you will quickly realise that there are differences between the components offered in terms of quality and cost. However, you should not shy away from a somewhat higher investment. Good quality pays off through trouble-free operation, low maintenance costs and higher yields.

Studies such as the home storage inspection of the Berlin University of Applied Sciences prove that quality components ensure better efficiency and efficiencies of a PV system. Moreover, high-quality solutions are already prepared for tomorrow's technology today and can also be easily combined with future additions such as an e-car charging box or a solar storage system.

Paying attention to quality when investing in a PV system thus not only saves money in the long run, but also effort.

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5. Well advised on your own PV system

In addition to thorough product research and a conscientious analysis of your own energy needs, you should also look carefully when choosing an installation company. It is best to choose a company whose specialists receive regular training, ideally directly from the manufacturer. This way, you can be sure that the installer has comprehensive product knowledge.

This is not only essential for competent advice before the purchase, but also guarantees flawless installation and support of the PV system. Well-trained specialists can also give valuable tips on how to expand the PV system and thus help to shorten the payback period of your own PV system even further.

It is easy to find the right specialist company in your region in our expert search.

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