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Are any of the most common myths about solar energy really true?

PV Basics

There are a lot of myths and half-truths floating about in relation to solar energy and photovoltaics. We’ve fact-checked the seven most common myths. 
Mythen über Solarenergie

Myth 1: Solar energy is expensive.

This could not be further from the truth. The average cost for solar energy has fallen dramatically over the last 10 years – by around 85%. It is now cheaper to generate power from the sun than from coal. The payback period for the PV system in a detached house is normally around ten years.

Myth 2: A photovoltaic system only produces power on sunny days.

We all love a sunny day, but the sky does not need to be cloud free for your solar modules to generate power. If it is very hot, the efficiency of the modules actually declines. Solar collectors work both on sunny and on cold and cloudy days. 

Myth 3: It takes more energy to produce a photovoltaic system than it generates.

It takes two years for a photovoltaic system to generate the same amount of energy it took to produce it. Over its entire service life it will produce many times this amount. 

Photovoltaics for the home

Do you want to use photovoltaics to generate your own solar power?

Photovoltaics for me

Myth 4: A PV system reduces the value of your property.

Completely the opposite – a PV system actually increases the value of a property. Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming an attractive feature for potential home buyers.

Myth 5: It takes more energy to produce solar modules than they generate.

Solar modules are designed to last more than 25 years. After that, they can be recycled. Studies have shown that the energy consumption for the production of modules is covered by the generation of PV energy after just four years. This means that the reduced CO2 emissions due to the use of solar modules far outweigh the emissions that arise during the production of solar modules.

Myth 6: Solar modules can damage my roof and require extensive maintenance.

Solar modules can even extend the service life of a roof as they protect the part of the roof that they cover. The modules do not need any maintenance after installation and are also very durable (25+ years). Modules do not normally need to be cleaned either – the rain does this.

Myth 7: I should hold off on my investment until solar modules are more efficient.

As the efficiency of solar modules has significantly increased over the years, they have now reached an extremely high level of efficiency. This efficiency will continue to improve thanks to technological progress, but in smaller amounts than before. The potential increase in efficiency of future panels is low compared to today’s ready-to-install panels. 

Myth 8: Solar energy protects the environment.

Compared to other sources of energy, solar energy is very environmentally friendly. Solar energy can be used throughout the entire world and is available every day. For as long as the sun is around. Which is the next 5 billion years.

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