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Energy independence with a photovoltaic system


Photovoltaic system in Brazil pays for itself in three years

Photovoltaic system provides security and independence

Ricardo and Hortência have taken their first step toward energy independence and installed a photovoltaic system for their home in Atibaia, Brazil. The family of six aims to use it to power all their household devices, thereby reducing their energy costs. The fact that the family uses almost all the electricity they generate themselves makes the investment particularly cost-efficient. The photovoltaic system will have paid for itself in just three years. 

The power supply in Brazil is not always 100% stable. Grid fluctuations and subsequent power failures are nothing out of the ordinary for Ricardo and Hortência’s family either. With their own photovoltaic system on the roof, the family generates the power for electrical devices during the day themselves and is not reliant on the public grid. This gives them security and independence. 

Family covers energy consumption solely with electricity

The 8-kWp photovoltaic system was installed in 2020. The family of six uses it to power their whole house with solar energy. “We have constructed our house in such a way that we can power it exclusively with electricity. The oven, stove, shower – it’s all powered by our own energy from the roof,” says Ricardo. 

Since the family uses the energy solely in their own home, they are able to achieve a self-consumption rate of 95% and significantly reduce their energy costs in the process. The family could save so much on energy costs in just three years that the investment in the PV system will have paid off in that time.

This photovoltaic system represents the family’s first step toward not only independence, but also greater sustainability and environmental awareness – and they are already planning their next move. “We’ve already given e-mobility a lot of thought and will soon be getting an electric car too,” explains Ricardo with pride. 


Excellent service

FX Energias Renováveis installed the photovoltaic system. The installation company is a Fronius System Partner and works closely with Fronius Brazil. For Ricardo, this was a key factor in the decision-making process. 

» When we decided to buy a photovoltaic system, I did a lot of research and came across Fronius. I noticed that Fronius devices were much more robust and safer too. And we could even access technical support in Brazil in case of a problem. I really liked that. And, as you can see, the system works perfectly «

explains system owner Ricardo

System monitoring for the whole family

Information such as whether the photovoltaic system is running smoothly, what yield it is generating, and how high energy consumption is in the home is easily available in the Fronius Solar.web online portal. And even the youngest family members can get excited about the figures and graphics in Solar.web when Ricardo and Hortência use their laptop to optimize their energy consumption. Ricardo adds that “the fact that the photovoltaic system enables us to keep our energy costs so low means that we have more money for other things, including leisure activities with the family.” 

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