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Fronius and BYD secure first place in PV home storage system inspection

Interesting facts

The results of the Energy Storage Inspection 2020, a study conducted by HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences, were published at the start of March. With our Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus 10.0 hybrid inverter and the BYD Battery-Box H11.5, we were able to secure first and second place in the two reference cases examined.

Power duo achieves unprecedented performance

In the study, independent testing authorities tested the total efficiency of home storage systems and analysed the interplay of PV systems and battery storage systems. Two different reference cases were assessed. The first of these combined a 10-kWp photovoltaic system with a heat pump and an electric car, and an annual household consumption of 5.010 kWh/a; the second reference case analysed the SPI (System Performance Index) for a 5-kWp PV system with an annual household consumption of 5.010 kWh/a.


In the 10 kWp category, the combination of Fronius GEN24 Plus 10.0 inverter and BYD Battery-Box H11.5 impressed, claiming first place with a record SPI value of 94% and also achieving energy efficiency class A – the only combination to do so. The duo also performed extremely well in the 5 kWp category, ranking in second place with 92.3%.

Highest conversion efficiency with Multi Flow Technology

The Fronius-BYD combination also demonstrated outstanding values in the energy conversion pathways examined, which illustrate the conversion efficiency of the PV energy produced. The GEN24 Plus particularly impressed here with its integrated Multi Flow Technology, which enables simultaneous energy flows in all directions and allows AC and DC coupling of the battery storage system. In the test, the hybrid inverter achieved the highest efficiency for all energy flows in comparison to the other systems.

GEN24 Plus compatible with new BYD Battery-Box Premium

From September 2020¹, the Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter will be available in a three-phase Symo version, whereas the single-phase Primo will be on the market in 2021¹. When submitted for the Energy Store Inspection 2020, it was again tested in combination with the previous version, the BYD Battery-Box HV H11.5. The new GEN24 Plus² is, in turn, perfectly suited for the new BYD-Battery-Box Premium HVS and HVM.


¹ According to market availability
² Can only be combined with the new BYD-Battery Box Premium HVS and HVM

Fronius GEN24 Plus

The versatile hybrid inverter with integrated back-up power offers the best flexible solution for solar energy supply.


“In a less efficient system, almost 1100 kWh are lost annually due to high conversion losses, 600 kWh more than the test winner from Fronius. The energy transition needs efficient storage solutions.”
Prof. Dr. Volker Quaschnig (HTW Berlin)