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Fronius Symo Advanced: Reliably more safety and yield


7/12/2023 / Austria
Designed to rely on: Fronius Symo Advanced is the newest development in the SnapINverter portfolio that impresses with proven performance, endless freedom, and the latest safety technology. 

Which new safety technology?

Detect, intervene, learn – the new Fronius Arc Guard technology follows this principle to protect against dangerous arcs. The algorithm developed by Fronius reliably detects arcs and automatically switches the photovoltaic system off to prevent a fire. Fronius Arc Guard is continually trained by the manufacturer so that the Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter becomes even more precise and the system protection even better. Or in other words, arc protection is also investment protection.

Fronius Arc Guard

  • Automatically protects the photovoltaic system
  • Trained algorithm for continuous improvement
  • Activation directly on the inverter

What does endless freedom mean here?

Easily plan systems for complex roofs with SuperFlex Design. If solar module strings are aligned or wired up differently, this results in different voltages that the inverter has to process. Thanks to SuperFlex Design, the Fronius Symo Advanced can handle these without any problems. What's more, both MPP trackers of the Fronius Symo Advanced can be loaded with very high PV module currents so that each of the trackers can accommodate the total rated power of the inverter. This gives planners and installers endless freedom to realize the PV system as they wish.

  SuperFlex Design

  • Easy planning of complex roofs
  • Multiple alignments of the PV module strings possible
  • One inverter is enough

Why reliably more yield?

Maximum yield even when PV modules are partially in the shade can be achieved thanks to the Dynamic Peak Manager on the Fronius Symo Advanced. The intelligent software-based shade management tool is installed as standard and requires no additional components.


Dynamic Peak Manager

  • For maximum yield
  • Increases the reliability of the system
  • No additional components required
  • No installation effort

For which application is the new inverter suitable?

The Fronius Symo Advanced is the reliable choice for commercial photovoltaic systems of all sizes. The portfolio contains variants in the power categories 10 kW, 12.5 kW, 15 kW, 17.5 kW, and 20 kW. Whether for private or commercial use, Fronius SnapINverters consistently deliver reliability with a long service life.

What else can installers and their customers rely on?

Ever since the very first SnapINverter generation, the system design has been based on maximum flexibility, while assembly is particularly fast and safe. Digital tools ensure that servicing and maintenance work is completed precisely and with ease. The simplicity with which with the inverter can be repaired even while in-situ is a further positive feature. Open interfaces allow third-party components to be integrated, ensuring that the Fronius Symo Advanced is as future-proof as it gets. You can rely on it.

Fronius Symo Advanced. Designed to rely on.