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A 46 kWp PV system at a lemon plantation ensures clean energy

7/1/2020 / Argentina, Los Nogales

Smart Meter provides detailled data about yields and consumption

PV field installation Argentina - Los Nogales - Fronius Solar Energy

The well-known technology from Fronius has been installed in the field installation. In addition to the Symo inverters, the bidirectional Fronius Smart Meter has also been fitted. This ensures that yields and consumption can be recorded in detail and subsequently analysed.The data thus forms an important basis for efficient energy flow management - an essential requirement in order to understand one’s own electricity consumption behaviour and to adapt it as necessary.


Dynamic power reduction with Fronius Symo

Since the dynamic power reduction is required in certain circumstances in Argentina, the intelligent control of energy flows is gaining in importance. After all, if you are not allowed to feed into the grid, you need to focus on efficiently using the yields generated for your own consumption. The online platform Fronius Solar.web serves as a professional analysis tool for this very purpose.


The installation is equipped with a single-axis tracker system. Its peak output is therefore lower than with the usual elevation to the north, but it generates an annual yield that is up to 30% higher and the output is better distributed over the course of the day.


High quality of Fronius components convinces Fronius Partner

Alexis Custodio of Decu/3 explains why he prefers to use Fronius products in his installations: “Fronius devices are extremely reliable and manufactured to a high quality. Local technical support is also a big plus.”



System data:

Size of installation 46 kWp
System type Field installation
Inverters 2 Fronius Symo 20.0-3-M
Components & Tools

Fronius Smart Meter

Fronius Solar.web

Annual yield 83 MWh
CO2 savings / year 44 to

Our solution:

  • Fronius Smart Meter and Fronius Solar.web allow yields and consumption to be professionally analysed in detail
  • Dynamic power reduction function

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