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Organic retailer saves 10,000 euros on energy costs a year

2/28/2019 / Austria, Hoersching

80% self-consumption with a 99.9 kWp roof-top system

The concept of sustainability is at the heart of Biohandel GmbH run by the Pichler family. Only organic fruit and vegetables are supplied from Hörsching to food retailers, healthcare facilities and businesses. The cooling of the foods requires a huge amount of energy – 40% of which has been generated by the company itself since July 2018. The business also takes a sustainable approach to transport; there are three electric company cars on site, which are charged with the self-generated PV energy.

10,000 euros saved year on year

The biggest electricity load at the retailer is the cooling system in the warehouse. However, it is possible to cover 40% of the energy requirements with solar energy thanks to the roof-mounted PV system. “The PV system is ideal for us. We require a particularly large amount of electricity for cooling when the sun shines, so it makes sense to use the energy for our own load consumers,” says managing director Gerhard Pichler. “The investment costs for the system will be recouped in 5 to 6 years.”

Payback period: less then 6 years

E-mobility in the vicinity pays off & is fun

Three of the company cars are electric vehicles from different manufacturers. They are charged using the Keba wallboxes installed on the premises. Naturally, the electricity comes from the company’s roof-mounted PV system.

Gerhard Pichler


“Switching to electric cars is worth it in many respects. For one, in Austria we don’t pay any benefit in kind. Secondly, we can charge the vehicles with our self-generated energy, increasing our rate of self-consumption. And thirdly, they’re a really fun way to get around,” adds Gerhard Pichler.

System data

Size of installation 99.9 kWp
System type Photovoltaic roof-top installation
Inverters 1 Fronius Symo 6.0-3-M, 3 Fronius Eco 27.0-3
Solutions for e-mobility Keba Wallbox integrated in the system
Commissioned July 2018
Annual yield Approx. 100,000 kWh
Self-consumption rate Approx. 80%
Self-sufficiency rate Approx. 40%
CO2 savings / year 53 tonnes
Energy cost saving / year Approx. 10,000 euros
Payback period for the system
5-6 years

Thinking of the future:

At Biohandel GmbH, plans are being made to take even more measures to support the efficient use of electricity over the next few years.

  • Optimising the cooling system
  • Integrating an emergency power unit into the PV system
  • Switching all the lighting to LED technology

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