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2/7/2018 / Austria
The Fronius Ohmpilot minimises electricity and fuel costs

Wouldn‘t it be lovely if you could produce the majority of your required household energy for yourself? And not just electricity, but heating as well? The Fronius Ohmpilot allows you to use surplus energy from a PV system to heat up your water. What‘s more, it can be installed as an add-on – which is exactly what the Samwald family did to their system in Austria.

The existing oil-powered heating system for the six-person household can now be deactivated for the entirety of the summer, thus reducing its usage and extending its service life. This has also lead to reduced fuel costs - a saving of over 430 litres of oil every year.Steinbach Austria

“We decided to invest in a Fronius Ohmpilot because we wanted to lower our electricity and fuel costs, to increase our rate of self-consumption and to reduce our CO2 footprint,” says system owner Stefan Samwald.
Size of installation 4 kWp
System typ Roof-top installation
Inverter 1 Fronius Symo 4.5-3-S
Further products Fronius Ohmpilot, Fronius Smart Meter, Fronius Datamanager
Self-consumption rate

Before installing the Fronius Ohmpilot: 30%

After installing the Fronius Ohmpilot: 61%

The challenge:

  • Preserve the 22-year-old oil heater
  • Reduce energy and fuel costs
  • Increase the proportion of self-consumption

Our solution:

  • Connect the current 3-kW heating element to the Fronius Ohmpilot
  • Optimised energy management with the Fronius Smart Meter

System highlights:

  • Heating cost savings of 336 euros*
  • Annual oil consumption cut by 432 litres*
  • Increase in level of self-consumption from 30% to more than 60%
  • From the end of March until the beginning of November, no oil heating is required to heat water
* Based on 2017 values         

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