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4.2 kWp PV system with Fronius Primo and Solarwatt battery

10/6/2020 / Italy
PV string-coupled storage system provides a degree of self-sufficiency of 58 %

With a self-consumption rate of 63 % and a degree of self-sufficiency of 58 %, this 4.2 kWp photovoltaic system generates very good yields and pays for itself within a few years. In addition to a Fronius Primo inverter a PV string-coupled energy storage system has been installed.


Storage solution for single-phase markets

The local installer opted for a device from Solarwatt with 4.8 kWh to store excessive PV energy.  

Fronius Primo, Symo and Eco inverters can be used for systems with PV string-coupled batteries.



Modular design of the battery adapts to the energy demand

One of the advantages of the Solarwatt storage solution is its modular design. If the energy consumption of the family increases, additional storage modules can be installed. This may become necessary following the purchase of an electric car or the conversion of the heating system to a heat pump, for example.  


Self-consumption rate of 63 % leads to a quick amortisation of the system

The inhabitants of the house are not at home during the day, but thanks to the storage system, they can still use almost two thirds of their solar energy themselves. System owner Laura says: “Because we have the battery, we can also use the electricity we have generated in the evening when the sun is not shining. Or the next day when it’s cloudy.”

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» We use PV power - even when the sun is not shining. «



Adjusting power usage with Fronius Solar.web

The system monitoring tool Fronius Solar.web is used by the family to keep an eye on their yields and loads.


The weather widget in particular is very popular with the system owners:

“Thanks to the weather forecast, I can see today how much energy I will have available tomorrow and adapt my plans accordingly. Sometimes I just wait an extra day before doing the laundry.”

About the system:

System size 4.2 kWp
System type Roof-top installation
Inverter Fronius Primo 4.0-1
Storage Solarwatt MyReserve 4.8 kWh
Storage solution Battery storage PV string-coupled
Self-consumption rate 63 %
Self-sufficiency rate 58 %
Annual yield 4,900 kWh
CO2 savings / year 2.6 to

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