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Repowering investment pays for itself within six years


Installation data  
Size of installation  
357.5 kWp 
Purpose, system type  
Roof-mounted system 
17 Fronius Symo 20.0-3-M 
Initial start-up: August 2010. Repowering: March 2015 
Annual yield  
406,530 kWh 
CO2 saved/ year 
Approx. 215.18 tonnes 
Special feature  
45% degree of self-sufficiency
Costs of repowering will be recouped in less than six years 

More information

The Italian import/export company in Verona has a 357 kWp system mounted
on the roof. Between August 2010 and March 2015, a central inverter
from another manufacturer generated the PV power. As some of the technical
components of the system failed and the manufacturer is no longer in business,
the project engineers decided to replace the central inverter with string
inverters from Fronius.
“The decision to replace the faulty device with Fronius Symo inverters didn‘t
take much deliberation,” comments project engineer Michele Nogara from Tessen
Studio Associato. “The technical efficiency has been increased, the devices
are quick and easy to install, and yield has improved due to the transformerless
design. What‘s more, an air-conditioning system is no longer required, which
reduces our energy costs. The ten-year warranty is another benefit certainly
worth considering.”
The annual energy cost saving due to the 45% degree of self-sufficiency and
the cessation of costs for the air-conditioning system amounts to over 6,000
euros. Coupled with an increased PV yield, this means the investment costs in
repowering the system will be recouped in less than six years.

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