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5/15/2018 / Philippines
Lowest operating costs over its entire service life with the largest self-consumption system in south-east Asia
Reference Philippines - Batangas
The largest self-consumption system in south-east Asia

With dynamic power reduction to zero feed-in

High energy costs and the statutory situation regarding zero feed-in mean that the entire solar energy yield from this 4.77 MWp roof-mounted system is being used for self-consumption. The high quality of Fronius components and the well-though-out design ensure that the system generates the highest returns over its intended lifetime, paying back double its investment costs.


Fastest service on the market

The owner of this photovoltaic system is the multinational firm JTI, with 40,000 employees across the world. When investing in fixed assets, companies like these do not just look at the purchase costs, but also examine the operating costs over the asset‘s entire service life.


No maintainance at Fronius inverters 

Fronius devices do not require any regular maintenance. Should a fault develop, the SnapINverter can be repaired on-site thanks to the unique PC board replacement process, with downtimes slashed as a result. Long-term overall costs are, therefore, the key to success.

Number 1 for OPEX!

Our solution:

  • The lowest service costs due to the quickest service programme on the market
  • Maintenance-free for the entire service life
  • Optimal feed-in management enables zero feed-in

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