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Apartment complex with roof-mounted pv system for hot water generation

5/8/2019 / Russia, Sochi

70% gas cost reduction

Reference Russia - Sotchi - Fronius Ohmpilot

Apartment complex by the sea with roof-mounted PV system for hot water generation


The popular beach resort on the Black Sea is situated on the same latitude as Nice and is blessed with long, hot summers and mild weather in the winter and autumn months. The solar yield here is particularly promising, which was also why the owner of the apartment complex opted to produce their own electricity using photovoltaics.


Since August 2018, a PV system with Fronius Symo inverters has been meeting the household’s energy requirements. Not only is the electricity generated from renewable sources, but hot water is also produced using solar energy. “Since the start of 2019, roughly 90% of the energy produced has been consumed in the household itself. The Fronius Ohmpilot in particular is proving to be extremely cost-effective”, reports Denis Konyaev from Clever Energy LLC, a local Fronius Service Partner. “Up to now, the pool was heated and hot water was generated exclusively using gas. Since the commissioning of the PV system, we have been able to reduce costs in this respect by 70%.”
Size of installation 15 kWp
System type Roof-top installation
Inverters Fronius Symo 15.0-3-M
Solution for heat generation Fronius Ohmpilot
Savings Cost of gas reduced by roughly 70%
Special feature Intelligent load management optimizes energy consumption
Commissioned August 2018
  • Solar energy is used to heat the pool and generate hot water – 70% less gas is required
  • Intelligent load management results in optimized usage of consumers and increases self-consumption, saving money over the long term
  • Yields and consumption can be analysed precisely on the hour using the Fronius Solar.web online portal, revealing further potential in terms of energy consumption

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