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On-campus solar farm provides clean energy

8/28/2019 / United Kingdom, Bedfordshire
A 1 MWp Subsidy-Free Solar Farm at Cranfield Airfield Powering University
PV System at Cranfield University

A 1MWp Solar Farm in conjunction with a combined heat and power unit

35 Fronius Eco and Symo inverters have been installed in this 1MWp solar farm supplying the postgraduate and research-based university with all its generated electricity. The zeroexport solar project, which also integrates with the existing CHP (combined heat and power) unit on site, will provide a big part of the energy requirements of the University and contributes towards the longterm sustainable and clean energy goals of this education establishment.


Additional to providing both financial and carbon savings, the 1MWp site provides a key renewable energy research facility for its students. Providing opportunities to use industrial-scale facilitates for education and training support is something for which Cranfield already has an impressive reputation.


Damian Baker, Managing Director at RenEnergy remarked, “We decided to use Fronius for the Cranfield project for three basic reasons:

  • Number one is the performance and quality.
  • Secondly, the diversified business behind the product minimises any ongoing operational risk.
  • And lastly as a Fronius Service Partner, the partnership we have with Fronius means we can provide the best possible back-up for both the monitoring and operational side of the project.”
PV System at Cranfield University
Gareth Ellis, Energy & Environment Manager at Cranfield, said: “The University is committed to renewable energy and the installation of the PV system will improve our carbon footprint. We have made significant reductions in carbon emissions in recent years and are well on our way to achieving our target of a 50% reduction by 2020 against our 2005 figures.”
Size of installation 1 MWp
System type Field installation
Inverters 35 Fronius Symo & Eco
Tools Fronius Solar.web
Annual yield 1,028 MWh
CO2 savings / year 308 to
Special feature Zero feed-in

Our solution:

  • PV-system in conjunction with a combined heat and power unit on site
  • Fronius Solar.web gives a good overview about the system's relevant data

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