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Fronius EMIL. Designed to move. Smart charging management for your fully integrated
e-mobility solution

Fronius EMIL is currently available in Austria and Germany, with other countries to follow. We will keep you updated about new availabilities at all times on our website.

Fronius EMIL is our smart charging management solution for companies that includes load management as standard. It lets you offer your customers a straightforward, efficient way to charge and manage all their electric vehicles with a single charging solution and with no additional hardware components. Fronius EMIL fully automates charging for the entire corporate e-car fleet using (self-generated) energy – it’s intelligent, user-based, and individually matched to the company’s current power requirements. Complete your e-mobility product portfolio with the practical Fronius EMIL cloud solution. 

Help your customers achieve hassle-free electric mobility: Fronius EMIL continuously monitors the charging infrastructure for e-car fleets. Our charging solution prevents peak loads and guarantees optimized charging of all e-vehicles in the system. And the number of charging points makes no difference – a system connected to Fronius EMIL can be expanded as needed and can even be managed remotely at all times.

  • Intelligently harmonized with operational charging requirements
  • Avoids load peaks through intelligent, dynamic reduction of charging output
  • Unlimited number of charging points without needing additional hardware components
  • Allows integration of charging boxes from different manufacturers
  • Flexible charging infrastructure solution in the cloud
  • Conveniently monitor e-car fleets from any location – anytime and anywhere  

* Fronius-approved products with OCPP* 1.6 protocol

Always on the move

Perfectly matched

Simple planning and installation with efficient use of existing infrastructure are all hallmarks of Fronius EMIL. Only two components compatible with Fronius EMIL are required at the company location to use our load management system: a smart meter with IP standard and a charging solution. Charging boxes supported by Fronius EMIL as well as Fronius Wattpilot can be found here.

And there are no limits to the number of vehicles in the e-fleet – Fronius EMIL simply grows along with them. You can add new charging points to an existing Fronius EMIL software system whenever the customer requests them. Our intelligent e-mobility solution enables your customers to integrate more charging stations using the existing infrastructure than is possible in comparable systems.


Smart down to the last detail

At any location and at any time: international companies also benefit from our Fronius EMIL charging solution. No matter how many locations a company has – with Fronius EMIL you offer a solution that enables centralized and independent monitoring and management of the charging processes of all company e-cars.

You can also convince your customers with extensive reporting options, customized user management and a clear graphic interface. Each charging process is given a detailed entry with specific information about duration, charged kilowatt hours, and more. The processed data helps companies achieve a comfortable level of internal transparency.

» We’ve acquired a lot of electric cars, so we also need a lot of electric charging points,” explains Hannes Jungmair from Global Facility Management at Starlim Spritzguss GmbH. Managing the charging boxes had become complicated for the company – until Fronius EMIL came along. We chose Fronius EMIL and have been very happy with it so far. «

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Hannes Jungmair, Commercial customer

Fully integrated and efficient

As a Fronius EMIL Partner, you not only install the charging infrastructure for corporate e-car fleets but also offer a fully integrated, smart e-mobility solution across all locations. As a future-ready cloud solution, Fronius EMIL also provides reporting and graphic display options for monitoring charging processes.  

Since Fronius EMIL makes the best possible use of existing infrastructure, significantly more charging stations can be operated with the same cable cross-section. The software thus actively avoids peak loads and shutdowns. This saves time, materials and money – for you and your customers. The load management solution’s efficient servicing increases not only customer satisfaction but also the likelihood your customers will continue to call on you with future orders.  



Optimal load management

No matter how many vehicles are charging at the same time, Fronius EMIL detects the power available in the company network in real time and intelligently distributes it to the occupied charging boxes in the system. This means the charging solution prevents peak loads and shutdowns while taking the priority ranking of the charging profiles into account.

If there are multiple smart meters in the system, the energy flows can be managed even more precisely. This works with both physical and simulated smart meters. Thanks to Multi Smart Metering, the charging process can be optimized level by level and the company’s entire electric mobility system can be easily expanded and managed across locations.


Charging without limits

Put your trust in a strong Austrian partner with more than 30 years of experience in the PV industry. As an established company with high-quality products and a reputable brand, Fronius offers you reliability.

As industry experts, we understand how important it is for PV and e-mobility to work together perfectly. This is why Fronius EMIL automatically registers all of your customers’ operational electricity flows. This also includes self-generated electricity – not only from PV systems but also from small hydropower plants, for example. With smart charging management, there is no upper limit on expanding the infrastructure.

Do you want to get things moving?

Are you an installer who specializes in electric mobility and sustainability? Then contact us and become a Fronius EMIL Partner. With our intelligent charging management, you can add even greater momentum to your product portfolio. Attract and retain customers by offering not just the installation of a charging infrastructure, but a fully integrated e-mobility solution.

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Sustainability from Austria

The innovative Fronius EMIL software solution is 100 percent developed and maintained in Austria. It’s based on a sustainability concept that focuses on efficiency and conserving resources: Fronius EMIL makes optimum use of the company’s existing infrastructure, avoids unnecessary costs and requires no additional components.