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inverter Symo

Fronius SnapINverters for residential PV systems

The inverter generation for maximum self-consumption

The Fronius Symo and Fronius Primo inverters are ideal for homes. 

The advantages of the SnapINverters have been proven in numerous photovoltaic systems around the world. When it comes to installation and servicing, the inverters are innovative, straightforward and safe. The inverters offer extremely flexible usage while also having all the integrated functions for distributing the self-generated energy in the household in the best possible way and achieving maximum rates of self-consumption.

woman and SnapINverter

Easy installation & service

The SnapINverter technology makes for highly safe and easy installation of the inverters.

Thanks to the proven PC board replacement process, Fronius System Partners can solve any service issues with just one visit. This means minimum time and cost for you and maximum yield dependability for the system owners.

  • Standard mounting system
  • Quick and secure installation & servicing
  • Serviceable on site
inverter Symo open interfaces


The inverters have numerous integrated open interfaces for easy connection of third-party components.

There are many possibilities, ranging from a meter connection for dynamic feed-in control to integration into home automation systems.

So you are prepared for tomorrow’s requirements today.

  • Easy connection of third-party components
  • Future-proof as standard: equipped for every requirement
man tablet Solar.web


With a Fronius SnapINverter, you have an inverter for your customers in which numerous functions are already integrated as standard.

Such as the integrated energy management function. This enables selected loads such as a heat pump, an electric vehicle or an air conditioning system to be efficiently controlled with excess PV energy.

  • Integrated energy management function
  • Maximum rate of self-consumption for system owners

Features at a glance

icon dynamic peak manager
Dynamic Peak Manager
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    MPP tracking algorithm with a tolerance for shading
  • feature slider check
    Maximum yields even in the case of partial shading
  • feature slider check
    In many cases, power optimizers are not needed
icon integrated data communication
Integrated data communication
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    Easy connection of the inverter to the Internet via LAN/WLAN
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    Data logging, WLAN, Ethernet, energy management, web server and numerous interfaces fully integrated
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    Connection to third-party components by means of interfaces such as Modbus TCP SunSpec, Modbus RTU SunSpec or Fronius Solar API (JSON)
icon smart grid ready
Smart Grid Ready
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    Ready for all (future) network technology requirements
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    Important for dynamic feed-in control
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    No unwanted feed-in interruptions
icon snapin technology
Snapinverter technology
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    Innovative mounting system
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    Easy installation and maintenance
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    Components can be exchanged instead of replacing the device during servicing
icon superflex
Superflex Design
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    Enables maximum flexibility in system design
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    Different roof orientations and shading of strings do not pose any problems
icon zero feed in
Zero feed-in
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    Feed-in management from 0 - 100%
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    Compliance with all requirements of network operators
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    Simple adjustment via the inverter interface
2 men in front of a lake in Reifnitz

The Fronius Symo in action

Artur Kosielski’s villa overlooking Lake Wörth in Austria is not just architecturally unique. This 60 year old building has also got the edge in terms of technology. 

A PV system with the Fronius Symo inverter and the Fronius Ohmpilot for hot water mean self-consumption of 85% and satisfied system owners.

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Technical data

 Technical data Primo Symo
 Power category  3 - 8.2 kW  3 - 10 kW
 Phases 1-phase 3-phase
 MPP tracker 2 2*


* also available as single MPP tracker variant

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