Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging

Heavy-duty electric stackers

Even suppliers of large forklift trucks with load capacities of 8 to 16 tonnes are increasingly opting for electric drives. In order to move heavy loads reliably, extremely large traction batteries with a voltage of 80 volts and capacities of 1,000 ampere hours and above are used.

Battery charging technology for electric stackers with load capacities of more than eight tonnes

The 80 V traction batteries for forklift trucks from 8 to 16 tonnes are a significant cost factor for the operator, as both the purchasing costs and energy consumption are high. High battery temperatures, e.g. due to unnecessary overcharging during the charging process, damage the batteries and reduce their service life.


Process optimisation also plays an important role for the operators of larger forklift trucks. For example, changing the battery too early should be avoided wherever possible, as this can take up to 30 minutes and is impossible without a crane or a second forklift truck. Similarly, different shift patterns with corresponding utilisation of the battery pool have a significant influence on the cost effectiveness of the forklift truck system.


The savings potential for large traction batteries by harnessing the power of perfect charging technology is especially high. Fronius battery charging systems with the Ri charging process help the user in two ways. Firstly, the cool and ultra-gentle charging dramatically increases the service life of the expensive traction batteries. The user benefits from longer driving times and has to purchase replacement batteries less frequently. Secondly, Fronius devices reduce overcharging to a minimum, making energy consumption substantially lower. This guarantees significant cost savings, especially for batteries with a high capacity.

Unique Ri charging process

Only Fronius battery charging systems have the innovative Ri charging process, which adapts perfectly to every battery condition, making charging especially energy-efficient. Find out more

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