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Perfect Charging

Procurement of electric forklift trucks

The motto “use rather than buy” is becoming the industry trend in intralogistics. It has been a long while since purchasing was the only option available for obtaining electrically-powered forklift trucks. Alternative financing methods such as rental, leasing or lease-purchase offer customised, cost-saving solutions.

Fronius battery charging technology optimises the individual finance plans

The finance cost is not the only deciding factor in choosing a suitable system, as the total cost of ownership (TCO) is also crucial. Customers, lessors and hirers should therefore take into account the entire three-part system, comprising not only the forklift truck, but also the energy package of battery and charging technology.

With the right technology, significant cost savings can be achieved every time – because energy consumption and CO2 emissions are always the responsibility of the user, irrespective of the finance plan. Modern charging technology can greatly reduce them both and can also often avoid expensive investments for converting the charging infrastructure.

Choosing a suitable energy package is a deciding factor when purchasing an electrically-powered forklift truck. High quality is just as important for the battery and battery charging system as it is for the forklift truck: the greatest potential for optimisation is obtained by combining the best technologies of all three. Although the cost of the actual battery charging system is a relatively minor factor compared to the forklift truck, considerable savings can be made in the long term.

Fronius offers the perfect solution with the new generation of Selectiva battery charging systems. The Ri charging process charges the batteries extremely gently and energy-efficiently on the basis of their individual, effective inner resistance (Ri). This reduces energy consumption, as well as greatly increasing the service life of the batteries. Our high-quality battery charging systems also reduce maintenance costs and guarantee high levels of availability for your fleet over the long-term, thereby optimising your intralogistics operations.

Some manufacturers offer another finance plan: lease-purchase. Because rates are individually structured and the lease purchase rate remains constant, investment finance is a straightforward matter, with the device becoming the property of the lessee once the contract has expired. Lease-purchase is especially to be recommended if your company receives public funding. Because you are the lessee, you can carry the forklift trucks as assets in your balance sheet and utilise the tax depreciation yourself from the time the contract begins.

With this finance plan, it is extremely important to have reliable technology with a long service life. Battery charging systems from Fronius offer major advantages here: less energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions and a significant increase in battery life – and thus a long-term reduction in operating costs. Our high-quality battery charging systems ensure that your intralogistics processes run smoothly and reduce your battery maintenance costs.

A leasing contract is recommended for medium to long-term use over a number of years: a low, monthly leasing rate gives you the option of using the forklift trucks and testing them in your company for a certain time, thereby taking care of your credit line. If the vehicles meet your expectations and standards, you can, in most cases and subject to the contract conditions, purchase them for a calculated residual value, extend the term of the contract – or also return them to the lessor. But here too, the energy costs and CO2 emissions remain the responsibility of the user.

Lessees are not usually covered by warranty in the case of a claim and have to pay for maintenance and repair services themselves. With conventional contract periods of between 48 and 60 months and possible acquisition, the battery charging technology becomes the decisive factor. With low-quality systems, there is often a reduction in battery capacity over the long term, resulting in more frequent opportunity charging, faults and expensive downtime.

It is worth investing in high-quality Fronius charging technology right from the start – even with a slightly higher leasing rate. The gentle Ri charging process greatly increases the service life of your traction batteries, as well as reducing your energy requirements and CO2 emissions. Battery water consumption and therefore maintenance costs are also less. As a result, your operating costs are significantly lower and your forklift truck fleet is always reliable and available.
For companies that are not perpetually using their forklift truck fleet, or that have to cover a temporary requirement for additional vehicles, renting is a good alternative to purchasing. The main benefit of renting is that forklift truck manufacturers provide an all-inclusive package for the duration of the rental period and supply a full range of services. The costs of maintenance and servicing, as well as spare parts, installation and replacement devices, are met by the actual rental supplier. But energy costs and CO2 emissions are still the user’s concern.

If the three-part system of forklift truck, battery and battery charging system are perfectly coordinated, you can still save energy and optimise the availability of your vehicles, even though you are renting the forklift trucks. Instead of relying on conventional 50 Hz charging technology here, it is worth opting for innovative systems from Fronius. Far lower operating costs and the savings that can be made with regard to CO2 emissions more than compensate for what may be a slightly higher monthly instalment. Many forklift truck hirers already put their trust in reliable Fronius technology and the high quality of our products. Benefit from the many advantages and ask your supplier about our battery charging systems.
Regardless of the finance plan your company uses – battery charging technology from Fronius will make the operation of your forklift trucks more efficient and cost-effective every time. With high quality standards and innovative technology, we optimise the charging of your batteries, ensuring not only consistently high output and availability for your forklift truck fleet, but also guaranteeing significant cost savings.

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