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Perfect Charging

Battery charging systems for ex-protection forklift trucks

Reliable explosion protection is of crucial importance in numerous applications - from the chemical and mineral oil industry to the building materials and food industries. This also the case in the intralogistics sector.

Reliable explosion protection

Forklift trucks, batteries and battery charging systems must meet stringent requirements to avoid explosions with serious consequences in environments containing flammable gases, vapours, powder and dust, during both normal operation and in the event of a fault. These requirements are defined in the EN 1755 European standard and the ATEX Directive, which distinguishes between class 1 to 3 ex zones.

Fronius battery charging systems with the new Ri charging process offer a clear advantage. This process does not follow a fixed characteristic, but instead adapts according to the age, temperature and state of charge of the battery. Every single charging cycle is therefore unique and has its own characteristic, reducing any harmful warming of the battery to a minimum. The cooler charging temperature significantly increases the service life of the battery, making it a worthwhile investment, particularly in the case of expensive batteries for ex-protection forklift trucks.

In addition, Fronius is an expert partner in equipping standards-compliant battery charging rooms and stations. Specially trained employees support the user right from the planning phase and ensure that the systems meet all of the fire and explosion protection regulations. Fronius also offers a comprehensive product portfolio for adapting battery charging rooms and stations to individual circumstances and requirements.

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