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Perfect Welding

Welding with the Ignis The mobile stick welding system

Ignis—The flexible Fronius stick welding system

The best result with every power grid

The compact Ignis product family offers the perfect weld every time, even under the most adverse conditions, in the smallest of spaces, indoors or outdoors.

The Ignis 180 makes a stable arc a reality, even with long grid leads or voltage fluctuations. 

This robust electrode welding machine always provides perfect results, even with unstable grids, generator-powered operation, or over a wide operating radius. It makes the Ignis the perfect companion—especially on construction sites, for repair and maintenance work in industry and agriculture, and in any home workshop.

Ignis highlights

Mobile and robust

At only 19.4 lb (8.8 kg), the Ignis 180 is a truly lightweight and suitable for mobile use. The robust construction of the device as well as the integrated stainless steel filter provide reliable protection even in demanding outdoor welding tasks or volatile weather conditions.

Full power even with long grid leads

Perfect welding results even with grid leads up to 100 meters long are a matter of course with the Ignis 180. This is made possible by the integrated PFC technology (Power Factor Correction), among other features. As a result, the devices are particularly energy-efficient and disruptive interference with the grid is minimized.

Easy and user-friendly operation

The intuitive operating concept and 7-segment display make it possible to quickly read the parameters that have been configured and simplify handling. Set slightly back, the user interface is also well protected against damage and external influences.

Wide range of versions with additional functions

The Ignis TIG models are a great way to get started with mobile TIG welding and offer convenient remote control operation. The Ignis 180 is also available in country-specific versions and can be used in regions with different mains voltages.

Ignis stick welding systems: Versions at a glance

Functions  Ignis 180 XT/180 TIG XT 

Mains voltage
-20%/+15%, 50/60 Hz

 230 V  120 V (20 A)  120 V (15 A)
Power consumption  5.75 kVA  3.48 kVA  2.28 kVA
Cos phi 0.99 (180 A) 
Electrode/welding current range
at 10 min/40 °C (104 °F)
180 A (40% D.C.)
150 A (60% D.C.)
120 A (100% D.C. 
120 A (40% D.C.)
100 A (60% D.C.)
90 A (100% D.C. 
85 A (40% D.C.)
70 A (60% D.C.)
65 A (100% D.C. 
TIG/welding current range
at 10 min/40 °C (104 °F)
220 A (40% D.C.)
160 A (60% D.C.)
130 A (100% D.C. 
170 A (40% D.C.)
130 A (60% D.C.)
100 A (100% D.C. 
140 A (40% D.C.)
110 A (60% D.C.)
100 A (100% D.C. 
Protection class  IP 23
Dimensions l/w/h 435/160/310 mm
17.1/6.3/12.2 in. 
Weight 8.8 kg
19.4 lb. 
*XT formerly MV (multivoltage) 

Ignis 180 XT 

In addition to the robust housing and the simple, intuitive operation, the Ignis also has numerous functions that make stick welding easier for the user.

HotStart, SoftStart, or anti-stick provide support when starting welding as well as during the welding process. The electrode Pulse function enables better-looking welds and even faster welding.

Ignis XT technical data

Ignis 180 TIG XT

Thanks to its additional functions, professional TIG welding is an option in addition to stick welding.

TIG Comfort Stop prevents annoying arc breaks at the end of welding, while TIG pulse offers better control of the weld pool in out-of-position welding and when bridging gaps. An integrated gas solenoid valve has also been added.

Ignis TIG XT technical data

The stick welding functions

  • HotStart
    In order to make the electrode easier to ignite, the current is increased for fractions of a second on the stick welding machine. The HotStart function was specially developed for welding with rutile and cellulose electrodes.
  • SoftStart
    This function ensures a stable arc at the start of welding and was specially developed for basic electrodes that are welded with a low welding current.
  • Anti-stick
    Prevents electrode burn-out. If the electrode sticks during manual arc welding—equivalent to a short circuit—the power output of the welding machine switches off immediately.
  • Stick Pulse
    Better-looking welds and even faster welding thanks to the stick Pulse function—especially in out-of-position welding.
  • TrackingArc
    This function acts like a flashlight. Igniting the arc with only eight amperes makes it easier to find the exact starting position when re-igniting after the end of welding or an electrode change. In this way, you can avoid welding errors such as insufficiently filled end-craters or notch effects as well as time-consuming rework. The TrackingArc function is specifically designed for applications that do not use an automatic welding helmet or shield.

The TIG welding functions

  • TIG Comfort Stop
    Prevents annoying arc breaks at the end of welding. Once the welding process is complete, the welding current switches off automatically after a specific change in the arc length. This ensures improved welding results in the area of the end-crater because the gas shield is also maintained.
  • TIG Multilock System
    Simpler, more flexible welding: the Multilock System offers a variety of different and interchangeable torch bodies in various lengths and angles.

The Ignis TIG version offers you extended TIG welding functions:

  • TAC tacking function
    One spot to tack is all it takes. The pulsed arc sets the two weld pools in motion, making them “jump together” in next to no time, forming one single weld pool. The TAC function is also very useful when welding light-gage sheets without filler metal.
  • TIG Pulse
    This function (up to 100 Hz) enables precise control over the weld pool and ensures excellent seam jointing. The pulsed arc makes it easier to work with very thin materials, because the temperature is slightly lower in the phases with less current.
  • TIG Multi Connector
    One solution fits all: this universal connection for system components, such as welding torches with special functions (Up/Down, potentiometers) or remote controls, gives the user cross-product advantages.

Intuitive operating concept The clear operating concept and 7-segment display on the user interface make it possible to quickly read the parameters and simplify handling.
Press-and-turn button to change the selected set value.
Status indicators to indicate the different operating states of the welding machine.
Set value display to display the selected set value.
Set value function button to set the arc-force dynamic and welding current values, SoftStart/HotStart function, and pulse welding.
Welding process display to display the selected welding process.
Welding process function button to select stick welding, stick welding with cellulose electrode, or TIG welding.
Press-and-turn button
to change the selected set value.
Status indicators
to indicate the different operating states of the welding machine.
Set value display
to display the selected set value.
Set value function button
to set the arc-force dynamic and welding current values, SoftStart/HotStart function, and pulse welding.
Welding process display
to display the selected welding process.
Welding process function button
to select stick welding, stick welding with cellulose electrode, or TIG welding.

For today, tomorrow, and beyond

It’s all within your grasp

  • Durable
    Long service life: the Ignis product family is designed and made with sustainability in mind. A high-quality stainless steel filter inside the device, robust housing, and 3.5 cm ground clearance guarantee the welding machine will have a long service life.
  • Energy-efficient
    The integrated PFC technology (Power Factor Correction) also ensures minimal energy loss, even with long grid leads. This makes the Ignis highly energy-efficient, and minimizes disruptive interference with the grid. The optionally adjustable automatic time shutdown (300 or 900 s) also ensures that no valuable energy is wasted even in standby mode.
  • Update option
    New functions can be quickly and easily added via USB and important system information can be read out. The USB-B port is protected inside the housing and is not affected even in demanding applications.

FAQs: TransPocket vs Ignis

“Trans…” (derived from transistor) has been a part of our naming system for over 40 years now, and we are setting new standards once again by renaming the TransPocket product line as the Ignis. 

The name Ignis is derived from “ignition, ignite”, because even the most adverse conditions—outdoors, at lofty heights, in any weather—can’t touch the arc of the Ignis.

This new look supports our pathway towards a more open and modern image—away from our technology-oriented approach towards a name that reflects the function and benefits for welders.

Proven quality with a new name and design.

We achieved this by including all the technical highlights and features of the TransPocket in the Ignis as well. In addition to the name and color scheme, the UI has also been optimized so it is now even easier to read.

XT stands for eXTended and consists of a number features, including the possibilities offered by MV (multivoltage). This allows single-phase devices from 96 to 265 V to be supplied with power. XT also stands for optimal generator compatibility.

The integrated Power Factor Correction (“PFC” for short) improves the power factor and reduces losses such as reactive power or interference, making the XT versions even more energy-efficient.

The TransPocket is only available in residual stocks now. For new orders, the Ignis will replace the TransPocket.
As with all discontinued products, Fronius guarantees the availability of spare parts for 10 years. We often repair products well beyond this period.
Yes, both the electrode holder and return lead cable of the TransPocket are also compatible with the new Ignis depending on the power category.

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