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FAQ - Product registration Perfect Welding

Login & Registration

Your Fronius user account can be used to log into any Fronius platform. You do not need to create a separate user account.
Click on "Forgot password?" on the login page to reset the password. Follow the directions on your screen. 
Please add the right S/N and delete the wrong product tile with the x button at the top right corner of the registration. 
Please contact our customer service with your request, the corresponding serial number and the email address of your account. Please use our contact form
Click on the human icon on the upper rights side. A pop up appears. Click on the button "Change Account". 
Click on the human icon on the upper right side. A pop up appears. Click on the button "Manage products". Make sure that you already registered a device with your email address. 

Log into your account. Click on "Register further products". Insert the serial number of your welder in the serial number field. 
Afterwards, enter the serial numbers of your welders additional components. E.g.: Cooling unit, wire feeder.
Enter your purchase details by

  • Selection of the invoice date
  • Enter of the devices country of origin
  • Enter the name or zip code of your dealer and select the right one

By pressing "save & proceed" you can add another product by clicking "Add product".
Then go to the next page by clicking "Next Step", where you complete the registration process with confirming our terms and conditions and a small survey. After clicking on the required fields you will get to a success page.

Please mention that the invoice date won’t be accepted correctly, if the website has been automatically translated by your browser. If this is the case, we kindly ask you to switch off the automatic translation in the options of your browser. If you want to change the website language, please use the buttons “EN | DE” in the top right corner of the page. 
Please check, if the country where you bought your device is set correctly. If you still can't find your dealer please click on "I could not find my dealer on the list" and fill out the info fields. The needed data are typically listed on every delivery note or invoice. 
Maybe you're one of our dealers or you don't have the right to register a device. This can happen due to rules and regulations in different countries. 
No, because of DSGVO - We value our customer data. 
The data of the old registrations will be implemented in the new platform in 2021. If the used email address hasn't been correct, we will not be able to link the products to the new account. The warranty still stays valid in any case.

Fronius Warranty

After successfully registering a product an email with the certificate attached will be send to you. Please also check your spam folder. Alternatively, please go to the management page (see question 5), search for the device you need the certificate for. Click on the button "Certificate" to download the certificate. 
The current expiry date of your Fronius warranty is always displayed on If this isn't correct, please contact our customer service using the email address belonging to your user account. Please use our contact form.