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Fronius product highlights Schweißen & Schneiden 2023

Shortage of Skilled Workers

TIG Dynamic Wire

Cold wire TIG welding – smart and simple

With new TIG DynamicWire welding package for the iWave welding machines, even amateurs can achieve perfect TIG welds with ease.  Compared to a conventional continuous wire feed in cold wire systems, TIG DynamicWire actively adjusts the wire speed to the welding behavior, torch position, and current conditions.

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CWC-S Cobot Welding Cell

Generate sustainable profits - even for SME

The CWC-S offers a high level of flexibility for welding different components - from batch size 1 to small series. Operation can be learned in just a few hours and no knowledge of programming is required. Trainees can learn how to use the CWC-S in no time, allowing them to take much of the strain off your specialist welders.

WeldCube Navigator

WeldCube Navigator - Real-time feedback solution for welding specialists

High-quality welds are essential for many products. Faulty or missed welded joints lead to high manufacturing costs. The earlier these faults are identified in the manufacturing process, the quicker it is to respond to them. The WeldCube Navigator software solution supports you step by step in production. Using the guidance and job pre-setting functions of the WeldCube Navigator can shorten the training and familiarization period for new welding specialists and thus minimize the risk of errors. 

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Health & Safety


Mobile welding fume extraction

Exento extraction devices, combined with extraction arms or fume extraction torches, are used to extract welding fumes and—depending on the model—are suitable for temporary and permanent jobs. Their high mobility and the 360-degree usage radius make them particularly flexible and the ideal partner for changing workplaces. Welding fume exposure for all of the welding personnel is therefore significantly lower.

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Respiratory protection system Vizor Air/3X

Greater welding comfort, breath by breath

Filtered air and a clear view—with our Vizor Air/3X PAPR system, consisting of a powered air-purifying respirator, interconnecting hose and carry strap. Combined with one of our matching welding helmets (e.g. Vizor Air/3X Connect), this system filters up to 99.8% of welding fume particles via a TH3P-R-SL particle filter (maximum classification). It then routes the cleaned air through the interconnecting hose and directly back into the inside of the Filters up to out of the welding helmet.

More about Vizor Air/3X


iWave Multiprocess PRO

Full freedom

It’s all within your grasp: a single system to cover every welding process – from TIG and MIG/MAG through to MMA – and every process variant. The right solution for today, tomorrow, and beyond: with iWave Multiprocess PRO, you can easily master the full array of welding challenges.

More about iWave Multiprocess PRO

Welducation Simulator

The welder training of the future

Risk-free welding: Virtual training offers a safe and affordable way to realistically simulate complex welding processes. The Welducation Simulator enables resource-conserving training by saving expensive consumables such as materials for workpieces, wire, and shielding gas. In addition to protecting the environment, this also cuts costs.

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