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Solar systems at home: Using the advantages of the sun

PV Basics

A photovoltaic system can make your dream of generating your own green energy a reality. Have you been wondering whether it’s worth investing in such a system for your own home? Let us give you a brief run through of the main advantages of having your own solar system.

Advantage 1: Use your own green electricity for a range of applications

A photovoltaic system lets you use the sun’s energy and produce your own electricity. Your green electricity can be used for a range of applications in the home. As well as covering your power consumption (such as your refrigerator, electric cooker, washing machine), you can also use solar energy to heat your water or charge your electric car.

Advantage 2: Solar power equals independence

Is being independent important to you? Do you want to leave nothing to chance? The sun is an unlimited and, above all, free source of energy.

A photovoltaic system means you can say goodbye to... 

  • ... rising electricity prices
  • ... harmful energy sources
  • ... emergency situations (power outages) to name just a few.

If you add a storage system you can increase your degree of self-sufficiency even further and enjoy the flexibility of also being able to draw your solar energy at night and on very cloudy days.

Photovoltaics for the home

Do you want to use photovoltaics to generate your own solar power?

Photovoltaics for me
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Advantage 3: Efficient energy management

Want to make the most of your solar energy? Investing in efficient energy management makes sense for everyone.

A photovoltaic system can be steadily expanded on a modular basis. Each additional component represents another step on the path to independence and increases your degree of self-sufficiency. By using your solar energy for a combination of power, heat and mobility, you’re making the most out of the sun.

Advantage 4: Benefit from lower energy costs thanks to solar power

Solar energy is a highly inexpensive form of renewable energy. Installing a photovoltaic system on your roof can significantly reduce your energy costs. It also enables you to produce your own green electricity completely independently from the market, making worries about rising energy costs a thing of the past.

Compared to conventional electricity tariffs, you can save a significant amount of money per kilowatt hour right from the moment your system is commissioned. The more self-generated electricity you use, the stronger the argument in favour of a solar system.

Advantage 5: Reduce your ecological footprint

By opting for a photovoltaic system you are choosing an environmentally-friendly energy supply. Solar power produces green energy that is CO2-neutral and environmentally-friendly. Owning a PV system reduces your ecological footprint and means you are playing your own, significant part in the energy revolution.

Advantage 6: Benefit from the advantages of a solar system over the long term

Many things in a household run on electricity, such as cooling, heating from an electric heat pump, hot water heating and, of course, charging electric vehicles. This trend for increasing electricity consumption is clear to see. Those who want to reap the benefits today and also make a long-term investment in the future need look no further than a photovoltaic system.

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