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Run your air conditioning unit with solar power and save money

Saving with photovoltaics


Global climate change is causing longer and longer periods of heat. Often, the quality of living suffers as a result of the high temperatures, and it is no longer possible to concentrate on work or get a good night's sleep in some houses.

Many people therefore want air conditioning for their own four walls, but are worried about high electricity bills and negative environmental impact. Let us show you how to keep a cool head and a clear conscience despite high temperatures, while keeping electricity costs low.

Air conditioners and photovoltaics - the most important things in a nutshell:

  • Photovoltaic systems and air conditioners complement each other perfectly: electricity is produced when it is needed most.
  • If the air conditioner is operated with solar power, this saves electricity costs and protects the environment.
  • Those who plan for air conditioning when sizing the system will save money, even if the cooling unit is added later.
  • Intelligent inverters automatically supply the air conditioner with power - the right choice of equipment is essential here.
  • For those who also want to cool with solar power at night, an energy storage system makes sense.

installer and modules

Air conditioners and photovoltaics - a perfect team

There are hardly any technologies that complement each other as well as solar energy and air conditioning technology. After all, cooling units need the most electricity when the sun is shining and it's hot outside. And when does a PV system produce the most electricity? That's right - on sunny days.

No nasty surprises on your electricity bill

It therefore makes sense to operate the air conditioning system with the solar power produced by your system, which is available precisely when it is needed for cooling. The kilowatt hour from your own roof costs only a fraction of the conventional electricity price. So you can also stay cool with regards to your electricity bill.

While cooling units with electricity from the grid often drive the electricity costs to dizzy heights, air conditioners powered by PV energy increase self-consumption and thus reduce the payback time of the PV system. More information about self-consumption can be found in our article on PV basics.

Already think about the air conditioner when planning the photovoltaic system

In order to benefit as much as possible from the combination of PV and air conditioning, it is recommended to consider the cooling unit when sizing and planning the solar system. It is important to plan the PV system so that it is large enough to cover the entire electricity demand of the air conditioning system. Interesting information about the sizing of PV systems can be found here.

It is best to seek the support of experts in the planning process, because the power requirements of an air conditioning system depend heavily on the individual circumstances.

In any case, it is worth planning the PV system generously, as the prices for photovoltaic modules are very favourable today. This way, you can produce enough solar power for cooling on particularly hot days. Even if you want to invest in an air conditioner in the future, you should plan the photovoltaic system large enough from the beginning. This saves effort and unnecessary costs and allows an uncomplicated installation of the air conditioner at a later date.

Keep cool through tropical nights with a storage tank

If a solar storage system is to be installed in the house in the future, this can also be taken into consideration when planning the PV system. In combination with an air conditioning system, it offers the advantage that cooling can also be provided at night with solar power. This means that expensive electricity does not have to be drawn from the grid even at times when the sun is not shining.

If the solar battery is optimally tailored to the other components of the PV system, it not only makes the system independent of the electricity provider, but is also financially worthwhile. All information on the subject of storage is available here.

Power an air conditioner with PV generated energy, automatically for a pleasant indoor climate

An air conditioning system runs most cost-effectively when it is automatically supplied with available solar power. If care is taken when purchasing the PV system to ensure that the components are well matched to each other, this does not require any manual adjustments. The best choice is an intelligent inverter that can supply the air conditioning system with surplus PV energy via the appropriate interfaces.

That sounds very complicated now? Don't worry, qualified specialist companies can help you choose the right devices.

A climate worth living in - for the home and the planet

Air conditioners have long had a bad image because their refrigerants destroyed the earth's ozone layer. Today, there are environmentally friendly alternatives; when buying one, one should pay attention to natural refrigerants.

If the air conditioner is also powered by electricity from your own roof, you can enjoy the pleasant indoor climate with a clear conscience. This is because solar power significantly reduces a household's CO2 footprint and is an important step towards an all-round sustainable lifestyle.

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