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Flexibility in system planning with Fronius Tauro helps to create cost-efficient large-scale systems

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With large-scale systems, flexible system planning is essential in order to be able to deliver a cost-efficient overall system. The requirements and conditions at individual sites are often as varied as the systems themselves. At the same time, the aim is to achieve maximum yields with the photovoltaic system, while keeping the total operating costs as low as possible. 
With its commercial inverter Fronius Tauro, Fronius demonstrates how a cost-efficient PV project can be delivered that is perfectly tailored to individual requirements through flexible system design.  

Maximum flexibility in system planning


Whether installed in centralised or decentralised systems, vertically or horizontally, for roof systems or free-standing systems, with Fronius Tauro there are virtually no limitations on the positioning of the inverters. The flexible nature of the commercial inverter makes it possible to tailor the system design to the customer’s individual requirements and the local conditions


Options such as AC Daisy Chaining also help to achieve unprecedented optimisation and simplification of the AC installation. This means fewer AC combiner boxes and cables are required, which reduces the balance of system costs. 


» The AC Daisy Chaining option was particularly important to us, as our customers frequently said that they wanted to reduce BOS costs with the inverter. The option to link the AC cables for several Tauro inverters directly in the device drastically reduces the number of AC combiner boxes that are required. This saves on costs. «

Johannes Starzinger, Fronius Development Team 


Installation in direct sunlight in unprotected outdoor areas is possible


The Fronius Tauro can be installed in direct sunlight in unprotected outdoor areas without the need for an additional protective cover thanks to an IP 65 protection class, the double-walled design and its innovative cooling technology. The active cooling ensures that heated air is continuously carried away and the electronic components in the device are protected against high temperatures.


Dust, extreme humidity and ambient temperatures from -40°C to +65°C are no problem for the Fronius Tauro. And the fact that no expensive shading or canopy/roofing structures are required also helps to save costs and creates flexibility when it comes to the installation of the inverters. 

» Many of our customers around the world are faced with harsh external conditions that other commercial inverters struggle to contend with. So it quickly became clear to us that we had to develop a robust and straightforward alternative Tauro model for high yields. And we have achieved this by developing features such as active double-walled cooling. This ensures that, even at high outdoor temperatures, the inverter doesn’t break a sweat and still delivers high yields. «

Peter Schmidhuber, Fronius Product Manager 


Optimising costs with Fronius Tauro


The Fronius Tauro doesn’t just help to reduce the installation costs but also keeps running costs down. Where service intervention is required, the Fronius Tauro is particularly time and cost-efficient. As with many Fronius products, the power stage set in Fronius inverters can be replaced by one person single-handedly directly onsite.


The first advantage of this is that it helps to reduce running costs through lower personnel costs and transport costs. Secondly, it also helps to prevent high yield losses as replacement can be carried out onsite in a matter of minutes, without the use of heavy machinery (crane, scissor lift, etc.).


Two products for even more flexibility


The commercial inverter is available in two models. The Tauro is the flexible model and boasts three MPP trackers and an extra wide input voltage range.

The Tauro ECO is the cost-conscious model, is equipped with a MPP tracker and is particularly efficient and cost-optimised.


Where the two inverters are combined in one large-scale PV system, the system can be perfectly tailored to the individual conditions, helping it to achieve the best performance results and optimising costs. 



The Fronius Tauro ECO is now available for the 50,99 and 100 kW power classes.
The Fronius Tauro, 50 kW will be available at the end of Q3


1.3 MWp PV power plant with Fronius Tauro

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