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Configure even complex roofs with PV modules – SuperFlex Design makes this possible

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The new GEN24 Plus impresses with maximum flexibility in PV system design. In addition to two Maximum Power Point trackers, the inverter also has a separate battery input. The high current carrying capacity of the MPP trackers and the wide input voltage range of the inverter enable both a parallel connection on one MPP tracker and the configuration of smaller, complex module areas.

Flexible string configuration

The GEN24 Plus is equipped with two MPP trackers and an additional battery input. However, contrary to popular belief, the number of MPP trackers does not make an inverter flexible. Rather, a well-adjusted MPP voltage range and a powerful MPP tracker are crucial for design flexibility.

What’s more, the inverter boasts an extremely wide and low-starting input voltage range. This means that very short strings can also be dimensioned from three PV modules so that the inverter can in turn be used extremely flexibly for angled roofs.


Complex areas such as dormer windows, windows, garden sheds, eaves mouldings or even façade modules can be easily connected to the second MPP tracker with PV modules configured.

Depending on the application, there are different requirements regarding the technical properties of the MPP trackers.

These generally differ as follows:

  • Symmetrical generator with different alignments (inclination/orientation)
  • Asymmetrical generator with different alignments (inclination/orientation)  
  • Partial shading on the generator

Due to the SuperFlex Design, the output of the PV strings on the MPPT 1 and 2 may differ significantly. On a Primo GEN24 6.0 Plus, for example, this allows a PV string with 5 kWp to be connected to MPP tracker 1 and the other string with 1 kWp to MPP tracker 2. The asymmetrical load makes the inverter extremely flexible in terms of the string configuration.

The use of inverters with two MPP trackers therefore also makes sense if a generator only has one module alignment and no shading. This enables the connection of virtually any number of modules and thus ensures that optimal use can be made of the roof.


Overdimensioning & maximum current carrying capacity

Furthermore, the maximum generator output can be overdimensioned to 150%, since the peak output of the PV generator is not reached in most cases. More energy can therefore be produced throughout the entire year.

But that’s not all: if, for example, the situation results in two roof areas with the same inclination and number of modules (for example East/West facing), then these two areas can be connected to MPP tracker 1 due to the high current carrying capacity, and the other previously mentioned small, complex area to the second.

Due to the innovative Active Cooling technology, the GEN24 Plus inverters have an extremely high current carrying capacity. This is because high currents are known for also generating high temperatures.


Shading-optimised tracking algorithm

The GEN24 Plus delivers maximum flexibility even with partial shading of the module array. The Dynamic Peak Manager always obtains the maximum amount of energy from the PV modules, meaning that roof areas with partial shading can also be configured. This highly efficient MPP tracking algorithm detects any shade and optimises the yield at the string level. No additional, sensitive components are needed at the module level, as it is already integrated into the inverter. Not only does this cost less because there are fewer system components, it also keeps installation and service costs to a minimum.

Flexibility in system design results from the interplay of several technologies, which goes far beyond the number of MPP trackers. The new, uniquely versatile GEN24 Plus is a prime example of how flexible an inverter can be when a multiple MPP tracker solution, active cooling technology and a shading-tolerant solar tracker algorithm are combined.


  • Two MPP trackers + extra battery input

  • Wide input voltage range

  • Symo GEN24 Plus: 80-1000V DC
  • Primo GEN24 Plus: 65-600V DC
  • High current carrying capacity of the MPP trackers

  • Symo GEN24 Plus 3.0-5.0: 12.5A / 12.5A (MPPT 1 / 2)
  • Symo GEN24 Plus 6.0-10.0: 25A / 12.5A (MPPT 1 / 2)
  • Primo GEN24 Plus: 22A / 12A (MPPT 1 / 2)

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