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PV storage system with single phase hybrid inverter from Fronius

Easy installation and maximum independence ensures satisfied customers

Rino lives in the south of Australia with his family. When it came to choosing a PV system, he was seeking independence and energy security, as well as wanting to do something for our planet. In addition, Rino needs to always be able to keep an eye on his system, to maximize his self-consumption, and minimize the amount of electricity he has to buy from the grid. 

To meet these needs, Eddy May from FSP NRG Solar advised Rino to opt for a storage solution with the Fronius Primo GEN24 Plus and the BYD Battery-Box Premium

Maximum independence thanks to Full Backup and expandable storage system

Energy security is particularly important to Rino. Thanks to the Primo GEN24 Plus and the BYD Battery-Box Premium, he and his family are not dependent on the grid as they have reached almost 100% energy autonomy

The single-phase hybrid-inverter offers flexible backup power options. Depending on individual needs, the integrated basic backup power supply or the enhanced backup power solution is available. The latter, i.e., a Full Backup solution, was selected for Rino’s PV system. This works in combination with his storage system and supplies both single and three-phase loads throughout the entire home. 

» It is reassuring to know that our self-generated solar electricity is there whenever we need it. «

High charging and discharging power

Thanks to the strong battery input of 22 A, the Primo GEN24 Plus can generate high charging and discharging power, which is also available in backup power mode. The inverter was able to demonstrate its power in the Energy Storage Inspection 2022 project at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences, where it came first.

The BYD Battery-Box Premium is precisely tailored to Rino’s current electricity needs with approx. 11 kWh storage capacity. This means that, despite the relatively small number of PV modules (7.9 kWp), he is able to maximize his energy autonomy. If Rino’s energy needs should change in future, additional storage modules can easily be added to the battery

The installer from NRG Solar specifically opted for a 6 kW hybrid inverter, as the peak power of the PV generator is not reached in the majority of cases and he can oversize the GEN24 Plus up to 150% with the SuperFlex Design. This makes optimum use of the inverter power.

Strong customer confidence thanks to the Fronius Partner Program 

As FSPs, Eddy May and his colleagues benefit from the close link to Fronius. They are able to guarantee their customers the most professional advice and the best service by participating in regular training sessions on Fronius products

Solar.web, the Fronius monitoring platform, made it very easy for Eddy to explain the advantages of a PV system with solar storage system to Rino. The practical Solar.web app allows the installer to convey the potential savings of PV to their customer using existing systems as examples, and thereby gain the customer’s trust. 


» The installer explained all the steps of the planning process to us so well and so clearly that we felt really positive about it. «

Rino is a satisfied customer

Always up-to-date thanks to Fronius Solar.web

Rino feels well informed and looked after – Solar.web allows him to keep an eye on all the energy flows in his system at all times. Should servicing or repair be needed, the app indicates this and Rino knows that Eddy, as an FSP, will be at his side with the best service on the market. 

Thanks to the BYD battery, he is able to use almost 90% of his PV energy himself on sunny days. What is more, the consumption of his air con system is in perfect harmony with the PV generation, allowing maximum self-consumption rates to be achieved. 


Primo GEN24 Plus and BYD Battery-Box Premium – key points at a glance


  • Maximum independence thanks to backup power options
  1. The PV Point is the integrated basic backup power supply for the Primo GEN24 Plus. It is a socket for use in backup power situations for single-phase loads up to 3 kW. 
  2. Combined with the solar storage system, a Full Backup is also possible and can be used to supply the single and three-phase loads throughout the entire house.
  • High charging and discharging powers thanks to 22 A battery input
  • Oversizing of up to 150%, thanks to SuperFlex Design
  • Excellent flexibility thanks to the option to add additional storage modules 
  • The Solar.web app is a useful tool when advising customers and also gives system owners an optimum overview of their PV system.


Technical data:

System power 
7,9 kWp
Fronius components Primo GEN24 6.0 Plus and Fronius Smart Meter 
Battery storage system

BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM 11.0

Annual yield Approx. 10 MWh
Degree of self-sufficiency
Almost 100% in the summer months
CO² saving
Approx. 5.5 metric tons

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