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inverter Eco

Fronius SnapINverter for commercial PV systems

Compact & flexible inverters for economical PV systems

The Fronius SnapINverter series offers several inverters for use in small to medium-sized cost-effective photovoltaic systems.

  • The Fronius Symo is a compact and flexible inverter that can be used to implement even complex system plans.
  • The Fronius Eco enables highly cost-optimized, economically viable PV systems to be implemented.
  • Fronius Symo Advanced and Primo UL cover all requirements that arise in countries with special grid configurations.
inverter Symo in Parsdorf


For larger photovoltaic systems it is particularly important to keep the running costs (OPEX) as low as possible and to maximize the yield as much as possible. This results in shorter payback periods and high returns (a higher return on investment) – to the delight of every investor.

By using Fronius inverters, an economically viable PV system can be implemented even under complex system conditions. Thanks to the Superflex Design feature of Fronius Symo, even complex plans with different roof pitches or shading are not a problem.

For simple freestanding or roof systems, you can use the Fronius Eco to design and implement the system in a cost-optimized way.

installer inverter Eco


A combination of Fronius Symo and Fronius Eco makes sense for most small to medium-sized commercial PV systems. 

This is because small sections of the PV system are usually shaded or have a different orientation

While these more complicated strings are covered by the Fronius Symo, the majority of the PV surface can be covered by the Fronius Eco in a highly cost-optimised manner. 

platine change SnapINverter


The option of on-site PC board replacement means that service calls can be carried out quickly and cost-effectively by just one person. This means that in most cases only individual components need to be replaced, rather than the entire device.

Our Fronius Solar.SOS service app helps ensure that everything runs smoothly. Active participation in the Fronius Partner program is a prerequisite for PC board replacement.

inverter Symo in Verona


Fronius SnapINverters are characterized by intelligent device design, maximum flexibility and smart functions.

  • Easy installation: Simply swing the inverter into the wall bracket.
  • Uniform design: Once you are familiar with one model, you can easily install others too.
  • Highest service quality: Easily accessible interfaces, remote updates and the PC board replacement process ensure quick and easy servicing.
  • Easy to use: Integrated data communication and online monitoring through Fronius Solar.web.
  • Future-proof: Open interfaces ensure the easy integration of third-party components – today and in the future.

Features at a glance

icon active cooling
Active cooling technology
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    Prolongs the life of the inverter
  • feature slider check
    Enables flexible system design & easy installation
  • feature slider check
    Assists with yield optimization
icon dynamic peak manager
Dynamic Peak Manager
  • feature slider check
    MPP tracking algorithm with a tolerance for shading
  • feature slider check
    Maximum yields even in the case of partial shading
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    In many cases, power optimizers are not needed
icon integrated data communication
Integrated data communication
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    Easy connection of the inverter to the Internet via LAN/WLAN
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    Data logging, WLAN, Ethernet, energy management, web server and numerous interfaces fully integrated
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    Connection to third-party components by means of interfaces such as Modbus TCP SunSpec, Modbus RTU SunSpec or Fronius Solar API (JSON)
icon snapin technology
Snapinverter Technology
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    Innovative mounting system
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    Easy installation and maintenance
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    Components can be exchanged instead of replacing the device during servicing
icon superflex
Superflex Design
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    Enables maximum flexibility in system design
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    Different roof orientations and shading of strings do not pose any problems
icon zero feed in
Zero feed-in
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    Feed-in management from 0 - 100%
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    Compliance with all requirements of network operators
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    Simple adjustment via the inverter interface

Fronius inverters in action

rooftop modules in Brazil

Best performance of the Fronius Eco in Brazil

“The best thing about Fronius SnapINverters is that they are easy to install. Cables and connections are extremely easy to access and this makes the installation process very convenient. Other Fronius components can also be added very easily. Another positive Fronius feature is the Solar.web portal. The amount of data is huge.”

PV expert Diogo Martins Rosa from Platao Energia on the Fronius SnapINverter for large PV systems.

See the reference

Technical data

Technical data  Symo eco Symo UL Symo Advanced
 Power category in kW  12.5 - 20 25/27  15  10 - 24
 Mains connection (Uac, r) 3~ NPE 400/230, 3~ NPE 380/220 V
3~ NPE 400/230, 3~ NPE 380/220 V 3~ NPE 208/220 V
3~ NPE 208-240 V
 Number of MPP trackers 2 1
DC input voltage range 200 - 1,000 V  580 - 1,000 V 325 - 1,000 V 200 - 600 V
 Oversizing  150% 150% 150%  150%
 Dimensions in mm 725 x 510 x 225 725 x 510 x 225 725 x 510 x 225
725 x 510 x 225
 Weight 34.8 - 43.4 kg 35.7 kg 35.52 kg
41.68 kg

Webinar: Maximum yield with Fronius commercial solutions

Cost-effectiveness and profitability rank among the most important indicators when it comes to planning large systems. We give you an insight into how PV systems are costed and designed in the commercial sector and talk about suitable system topologies and Fronius solutions. 

Watch the video

Webinar: Professional remote service with Fronius Solar.web

Fronius Solar.web is an online tool with free and easy registration for photovoltaic system operators. It provides users with a convenient and clear way of monitoring and analysing their entire solar energy system – either at home from their PC or on the move via their tablet or smartphone. In this webinar our experts demonstrate wide-ranging possibilities of the tool and define ways how to do easy and fast remote troubleshooting.

Watch the video
inverter Symo

Fronius Symo UL – technical data

inverter Symo Advanced

Fronius Symo Advanced – technical data

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