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PV system with battery storage for homes

Owning a PV system is an important step towards energy independence, and a PV system with battery storage offers even greater independence. The reasons for this are obvious:

  • With a storage system, even more self-generated energy can be used flexibly.
  • With the right solutions, a reliable power supply can be guaranteed even during grid failures. 

Help your customers to become more independent with their own PV system. 

Advantages of PV systems with battery storage

  • Independent and reliable power supply – even during grid failures
  • Maximum flexibility in the use of self-generated solar energy
  • Greater level of self-consumption
  • Faster ROI of the photovoltaic system

Independence through PV system with battery storage

Owning a photovoltaic system with a battery storage unit makes it possible for homeowners to establish an independent power supply. This helps to reduce ongoing energy costs and provides peace of mind – particularly in emergencies.  

The combination of a Fronius inverter and a compatible storage system makes different backup power variants possible, from the basic backup power supply with the PV Point (with the GEN24 Plus) through to Full Backup. You can therefore offer your customers tailored solutions for increased independence. 

Fronius storage solutions for maximum flexibility

As a solutions provider for the energy revolution, Fronius offers flexible PV solutions that can be used to cover the entire power supply of a household. The self-generated solar energy can be stored and then later, when the sun is not shining, it can be used flexibly in the household or to charge an electric car, for example. The Multi Flow Technology included in all our hybrid inverters also enables parallel energy flows in the system and opens up countless opportunities for clever energy usage. 

The excellent rankings in the energy storage inspections conducted by HTW Berlin also confirm the efficiency of our storage solution with a GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter and the BYD high-voltage battery. 

Fronius PV systems with battery storage for homes

Hybrid inverter with DC storage

With the combination of a Fronius hybrid inverter and a DC-coupled storage unit, you can offer your customers a full service package: flexibility, efficiency and integrated backup power function. 

Your customers are provided with a reliable power supply not only at night, but also in the event of a power outage, and can utilise the full potential of the PV system. Integrated Multi Flow Technology allows Fronius inverters to charge and discharge the storage unit even in a backup power situation, meaning that even longer grid failures can be covered. 

Batteries can also be retrofitted in Fronius systems and expanded at any time, so you can offer your customers maximum flexibility and future-proofing. 

In contrast to AC-coupled storage systems, the combination of a Fronius inverter and DC-coupled storage system impresses with extremely high levels of efficiency. As surplus direct current can be loaded directly into the storage system from the PV system, the current is converted less often, which results in lower losses. 

Inverter with AC storage

A combination with an AC-coupled storage system can be used for retrofitting a solar storage system for PV systems without a hybrid inverter. Fronius inverters are compatible with various AC-coupled storage systems, however visualisation in the Solar.web online monitoring tool is not possible with this solution. 

Simulate the potential of a storage system easily in Solar.web

You can illustrate the effects of a storage system on self-consumption and autonomy to your customers very easily in Solar.web. A simulation helps to quickly and easily demonstrate how the integration of a storage unit can optimise the PV system. 

More about Solar.web


The level of sel-sufficiency increases from 40% to 70%. This increase of 30% corresponds to 1,086,643 kWh of energy that is used in your own househould instead of being fed into the grid.

You can check here if the selected energy storage is compatible with your inverter.

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