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System Design & Rural Electrification

Fronius Solar.creator

The Fronius Solar.creator is a free, flexible and user-friendly online configuration tool that supports you to comprehensively plan and design PV systems when consulting and providing solutions for your customers. It can be individually adapted to your needs and, with its numerous functions, offers assistance in all planning stages of your projects. 

Fronius PV-Genset solution

Around the world, diesel generators totalling approximately 400 gigawatts of output provide power to industrial plants, mines, backup systems and off-grid communities. In many places, the power supply is unstable and the electricity expensive. For those who rely on diesel or gas as their primary source of energy, it generally means high and very variable costs for energy generation, dictated by the price of oil, transport costs and taxes. In contrast, the cost of solar energy has been continually sinking for several years. There is a trend towards the “hybridisation” of existing off-grid or backup diesel systems with photovoltaics. Thanks to our photovoltaic Genset solutions (PV-Genset), we can contribute to significant savings on expensive fuel, to reducing energy costs and with it improving the quality of life for people in the area supplied. To the Fronius PV-Genset solutions

Fronius MicroGrid Solution

Regional, self-contained power distribution networks known as MicroGrids have several advantages: they connect local energy generators, energy storage systems and consumers directly, creating a smaller grid system. The power is often generated from renewable energy, such as wind power, biogas and photovoltaics, and is thus ecologically sustainable. What’s more, MicroGrids don’t depend on superordinate levels of the grid and can even continue operating in the event of a power failure. If there is a fault, they can be disconnected temporarily and therefore do not present a risk of an extensive power failure. To the Fronius MicroGrid solutions