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Earth Mission
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Community engagement

Teach for Austria: Sharing knowledge with the next generation

Teach for Austria - Fronius

Fronius provides targeted support to regional educational institutions and social services such as “Teach for Austria”. This is a charitable organization that places those with a lateral career in the classrooms of schools with a high dropout rate. This is intended to facilitate and enrich the school experience for children whose parents do not place any emphasis on education. 


Fronius is a “Teach for Austria” sponsor and so, once a year, our CEO Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß puts on her teaching hat. 

Her mission is to show pupils new perspectives and boost their confidence in their own abilities: 

“Children should be made aware that there are other options out there besides apprenticeships to become a mechanic or a hairdresser.”

The vision of “Teach for Austria” is also clearly defined:

» Every child deserves the chance to have a good life – no matter how much money or education their parents have. «


Unfortunately, Austria has a very poor reputation in this respect. In no other EU country is academic success so dependent on parents’ socio-economic status and level of education. More specifically, if parents in Austria have completed just their compulsory education, the likelihood of their child going on to further education is statistically at just 10%. So, the aim is to get kids to go on to start and complete further education or an apprenticeship once they have finished their compulsory education – something that Fronius absolutely wants to support.

Lebenshilfe Austria: Inclusion at Fronius

For around 20 years, Fronius has been working with the Austrian Lebenshilfe organization and has outsourced certain activities to its workshops. Since February 2020, six people have been working with a supervisor directly in our production department, which allows for greater integration

The Lebenshilfe employees have a specially designed work area to meet their needs, where one of their tasks includes helping in the picking, packaging, and assembly of welding torch components. This enables social interaction between team members with physical or mental disabilities and Fronius employees, boosting the overall sense of community

Being directly integrated into the production process made it easier to show them how they contribute to the entire value-added process: They now know how their workstation contributes to the process, what their components are later used for, and how many people are collaborating.

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Sustainability at Fronius

Discover what Fronius contributes to the preservation of our environment. Our Sustainability Report is a detailed booklet which shows the reader what kind of sustainable actions we take.
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